2003 Remote Viewing Conference


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IRVA has joined with the A.R.E. (Edgar Cayce Institute) and Atlantic University to co-sponsor the

SchwartReport Annual Conference[br]on Issues of Consciousness[br]Through Time and Space: Remote Viewing[br][br]October 30th - November 2nd, 2003[br]in Virginia Beach, Virginia

REMOTE VIEWING - The ability to accurately describe persons, places, or events, information to which we do not ordinarily have access.

Is it possible to win a horse race, or pick a winning stock, or solve a crime, find a hostage, or a sunken ship, the lost palace of a queen, or better understand your dreams using Remote Viewing? The answer to all of these questions is: Yes. Using the techniques taught at this conference you will learn the secrets of how it is done.

THE GOLD STANDARD CONFERENCE - This is a unique opportunity to learn from the founding scientists of modern Remote Viewing research, including Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ, Stephan A. Schwartz, and James Spottiswoode. Add to that, the leading members of the military and government Remote Viewing programs for the CIA, the Navy, and the Army, including Major Paul Smith, U.S.A. (Ret.), Skip Atwater, and Dale Graff; as well as. Ingo Swann -- often referred to as parapsychology's most tested "guinea-pig". Well-known consciousness teachers and leaders, including Charles Thomas Cayce and Henry Reed, are also presenting. This may be the only time you will be able to hear this extraordinary group, and get their instruction, in the modern mental martial art - Remote Viewing.

This conference offers participants scientifically based, clear, simple instructions that can guide anyone through the Remote Viewing process. These instructions have been tested by hundreds of thousands of experiences over almost thirty years of laboratory research.

At the personal level, Remote Viewing expands our definition of what it means to be human. It opens our view of the world to another dimension of the self, and adds to our store of knowledge as to how we as humans fit within our universe.

CONCERT - The well-known Folk Music Trio, Mad Agnes, will play several times during the weekend.

For details visit IRVA's conference website: http://rvconference.org/