20th Trial Completed for Public 1ARV Project - Join Us


The next Prediction is for Over vs. Under a specified "Total Game Points"*
__NBA New York Knicks @ Boston Celtics
for this SUNDAY 4/17/2011 4:00pm PT, 7:00pm ET

Enter your 1ARV prediction (at least one hour before the game starts) here:
username: 1ARV
password: 1ARV
(see http://www.1arv.com/Public.html for "how-to" details)

******** 67% Success Rate
Last night, the project completed its 20th trial...with a Hit. Here is the
overall Games summary:
Hits _______12
Misses _____6
Passes _____2

A more detailed discussion will follow (after every 10th trial)
...if you RV, JOIN US for the fun of it,
and participate in the
!!!!!!!! Demolition of Displacement***...
^^^^^^^^ perhaps a finesse :)

"Describe Your Target".

Your Target may be One PhotoSite**,
if you are on the Actualized Side... your sub knows.

Or, your Target may be Any Thing,
if you are on the Complementary Side... your sub knows.

Describe what you get and accept getting just the right information for you.
No fear of the "D" word!

Feel free to ask questions here or PEM

The data for previous predictions and the current open prediction
are always at:

Keep RVing,

Marty and Catherine
marty@p-i-a.com and ckendig@peoplepc.com

* Total Game Points are determined 1 hour before game time using
Las Vegas Hilton odds-makers:

** PhotoSite Target: move your consciousness to the physical Site associated
with your FeedBack Photo at the time the Photo was taken, acquire
and describe what is verifiable based on the Photo.

*** Displacement in binary ARV is when you provide an excellent description
of your
2nd potential FeedBack Target.
In 1ARV there is no 2nd potential FB Target!
see: www.1ARV.com


Yes, 67% is not that unusual. The key will be the long-term rate...and perhaps 67% is good enough. This is a 17 percent edge over chance.

I have, and still do, feel that the potential is for much more, however, perhaps this is the right level for now. Society needs to adjust to even this.



It's fine marty. Congratulation!
How many viewers were involved in the 20 trials? Is my assumption correct that everyone can be part of these trials regardless of RV experience?


Yes, anyone can participate...as long as they understand enough to be able to RemoteView, AnalyzeJudge using the 0 - 7 scale, and do a FeedBack Session.

We had an average of 8 - 9 submissions for each prediction and a total of about 15 different viewers participating.

I hope we can attract more viewers to be more representative of the RV Community.