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I've really enjoyed so many of the postings on this message board(just scratching the surface). I feel way out of my area of experience but have found this topic just too absorbing to pass up. Hope you all won't mind another newby taking up time with beginner's questions. I have started the TDS Basics. What is this 'image streaming'? I think I may be doing this but want confirmation.
My first exercise was focussing on the next four months. I got a blank on November but some interesting images came up for Dec., Jan and Feb.
Is this a normal target for RVers? Or is targeting specific months too nebulous?
So much to learn.
thanking you for any input.


Hi LN,

Check out the Where to Start? thread in this same section, it is darn helpful.

The targets you mentioned are a bit on the gigantic side, maybe some more concrete, physical targets would be more beneficial. Again, check out that other thread.

Now that you mention it... there is also a thread on Image Streaming over in the Esoteria section....

I am glad you are hear and communicating. I hope you have fun participating.


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Welcome to TKR, LN.....

This place is alive I tell you....stay tuned....you will enjoy every bit of what you read....

I am glad you are not lurking anymore....well, look at me, I have kind of been lurking lately....to busy to post, but, wanted to join in the welcome of, "a lurker no longer"...

enjoy yourself here.... :D

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Hi LN,

I have started the TDS Basics.

What is this 'image streaming'? I think I may be doing this but want confirmation.
Image streaming is a mental/intuitive technique very much like "visual flowing free-association". Here is a link directly to an explanation of how to do it:

But you might want to check out the many other techniques on Wenger's pages, at these links:

As a practice outside of RV, IS is neat, and it surely might facilitate a person being more comfortable and 'allowing' of visual information in RV.

It is not the same thing as RV however. It's one of many practices that has a little something in common with one facet of RV and so might contribute to it, but it isn't the same thing. I do a little of both and get pretty different results using one vs. the other.

They are similar at points so the different is sort of abstract, hard to put in words way. But IS feels much more "in my head", and RV feels much more all through me and through my torso. RV comes in every sense and is such a mix blur of all/some/none, energy translation to sense, it's a wide spectrum. IS feels pretty singular, a sole focus on visuals.

It certainly filters out info that would be translated in a zillion other fashions than visual, and RV is full-spectrum. But, many psychic methodologies used in RV (usually referred to as a form of RV) have one or more parts specifically focused on visuals, and those are the areas that IS practice would be most beneficial to.

My first exercise was focussing on the next four months. [...] Is this a normal target for RVers? Or is targeting specific months too nebulous?
Technically you can target anything you want. There is nothing that you cannot view... however, tasking it properly and making sense of what you get is another story entirely. ;D

RV proper (so to speak) has a more focused span of targeting so that there is also a specific answer to compare your results to.

So if you choose as a target, "November," nearly anything would seem potentially accurate as data unless it was heavily in context and very specific. And you might spend a long time on stuff in session as a result that isn't really of import or clear definition.

In my mind, there are three primary 'limiters' or parameters in tasking. There is time; space; and specifics. (I'm sure we could break that down better but that's the basic.) So, a good rule of thumb is that if you are going to expand one tasking factor, narrow the other parameters.

So for example, narrow the space of interest to what happens in your town. Or, narrow the specifics of the KIND of thing you're looking for to say, issues of politics, or about your family.

If you don't reduce the focus of the tasking a little, you are making every experience you have, and everything you read about, hear about, and see, all in the month of november, basically blur together as all one target. This is similar to giving yourself a target like "America." There's just so much info possible, it's pretty tough to put any data in context, and the top data that might come through might be more archetypal than literal. It seems common in RV that one 'flits about the target' a bit at first and can you imagine how much 'flitting' can be done on a target that size, lol.

If the tasking is, "Things I would consider important that occur in November," that might be a lot better. You are still opening it up quite a bit of course. Your tasking is similar to an open search tasking, which can vary in tasking but at root is a little like, "describe anything you feel like describing," except you are narrowing the time focus slightly to 'November'. Open tasking is a psychic exercise often done by viewers; because there is no specifically defined target, it is not technically what would be found in an official RV protocol.

Here is a creative way to target something like this.

1. In the future, early in every month, make a list of ten items, in order of importance, of things which occurred in the previous month which you consider most important.

E.g., if Manhattan implodes and Mt. Rainier explodes, those will probably be on your list, but if your old beloved animal friend passes away, that would likely be there too; this list is things which are most important to you. Be sure you will do this in December.

2. Now, you have 10 specific, distinct targets for November. Instead of having the wide open tasking of basically anything, and having all the things of importance blend together, you have real specific taskings. Do a session on the item that is #1 on your December list, and so on.

Not only does this give you really specific taskings--even though you don't know 'what' to task since it hasn't happened yet--but it also gives you feedback: your list is feedback.

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Thank you all so much for the advice and places to go.What a help and a great welcome!!

EC~thanks for taking time out of a busy schedule to include me.

PJ~Wow, can't wait to try your 2 step target exercise.
So, I was using an open search tasking 'exercise' and probably should not trust the images I got? Whew! There were some slightly disturbing ones.
Usually don't work consciously like this, so what a thrill when the imagery started to flow.It began with the wonderful rich smell of good coffee and I could see a cup being raised to my lips. Usually, i don't have the patience to get that relaxed or prepared for this image stuff~ though I've been 'able' to do it from a very young age.

Thanks so much for explaining IS in more depth. I've copied the pages and will read tonight. Checked out the other two links (quickly) and know I'll be back there very soon=)

Waterway~your right, that is a great place for info. I'll be there a lot too. thank you!



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Hi LN,

Well I wouldn't say you should distrust your data, only that you should recognize that your targeting/tasking is so vague, that it might be difficult to find context for your data, and/or data from several different events might be mixed.

One thing I should mention as it doesn't sound like you're aware of this, is that in remote viewing you need to be fully blind to the target. That means if you sit down intending to 'see what might happen in November,' that's a psychic exercise, but it's not RV. For the most part it is expected that your own belief systems and expectations would likely interfere a great deal in the data received in such cases. This doesn't mean you couldn't get accurate psi info this way. Only that the protocol of RV excludes the viewer or anyone near them before or during the session from knowing the target.

In RV you'd be expected to have the targets either created by someone else, or enough different targets, all unknown (like in opaque envelopes, or from a computer, or from a person choosing one and tasking you), that when you got a target about something to happen in November, you would not know or even suspect that this was the target, as the target given you could be so many different things. The point being to evade expectation, analysis and beliefs as much as possible in the process.

Although it's quite imperfect as a blinding, putting the 1-10 events for 2-3 months together in envelopes and mixing them up, and then choosing an envelope and doing a session on that, is semi-workable depending on the viewer. As your tasking is very specific here, to match the item on your list, and as the list items can be global or personal, situational or physical, there is quite a range. This is still probably way too frontloaded, but it's a way that you could use to do it and at least take down some of those effects.



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Hi LN! Along with all the others, I say Welcome to TKR !

Lot's of good information has been given in your thread--and as you have already seen, this forum is loaded with A to Z good comments, suggestions, how to's ...most everything a new viewer craves to know.

Hi EC...where the heck have you been?!

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Welcome back to you too ... We missed you and your yee haws ;D