A Paved Road to Learning & Improving RV Skills?


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In a private message snorble asked me about the past-life sessions being people RVing their own past-lives. After some thought I realized that is what is happening. It looks to me like what we are doing with these PL sessions are a very easy way to start RVing. Past-life traumas are in my opinion MUCH easier to tune into because of all the energy that we have on them.
I think My success rate with these sessions is pretty high. I'd estimate that about 85% of the women get it right away and about 60% of the men. They then find the second time easier. We also eliminate these old traumas and tuning into anything then becomes easier because of that also.

Does anyone here want to experiment with me on this? You will need to learn the tapping process and then get a bit of experience with it. Here's where to start,


then send me a PM and we'll need to connect and I do that with Skype. I find the PMs here very cumbersome.


In Portugal there is forum called "PortugalParanormal", there there are people that scam other people by attracting them to skype paid consults.
If you have legit comercial intentions, you should contact the owner of this forum and ask for her authorization.