Advise for whom works alone.


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Hello guys can you share your experience and tipos to do ARV completly alone. Maybe you using some software (free sowftare will be better). My current targets are sport events.


To do alone means you are going to self-judge. Meaning that when you're finished with your RV session, then you open both photo images to see which one is the best match with your session/transcript. The one with best match is what will be your prediction.
Let say you label one image with A, the other with B.
(You associate one sport team with A image, other team with B image).
If you determined that the best match is image B, then just check what was the team associated with B and you have your prediction.
You must be blind to images and associations before the session.
Find someone do it for you, or you can use software like mine to automate the process (see my signature). Software does it all for you fast and simple.

Best tip is to: practice, practice and practice more. And never give up. Be determined :)