Aliens- in your dreams.


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Ok, I'll be the first one brave enough to start this conversation. Don't stone me OK? ;D

There are millions of people in all countries and from all cultures who have had some sort of alien type experience. Are you one of them? I am.

I've dreamt of aliens on and off for the last 13 years.

Some of the dreams are scary some are just fine and some are learning cool stuff like the relationship between time and space.

Has anyone else had this type of dream/experience?

Lets talk about it. I need to know I'm not the only person on the planet to have these dreams-- whether I want them or not. ;)



Sure, I've had alien dreams. They generally fall into one of two categories, for me--either I am dreaming merrily along and suddenly see a UFO or alien and feel _watched_ in some very unnerving way and then wake up, or, I have a big epic dream about some kind of struggle between two opposed factions of aliens about the fate of humankind.

I have no way of knowing whether they apply to anything "real" or not, but since their dreams, I'm pretty sure they have something to say to me about me, so I like to work with them from that point of view. An alien can be some part of myself I feel zero connection with, some part of me that seems so not-me that it seems non-human. Aliens are generally perceived as being more advanced in some way, technologically or intellectually, and maybe devoid of human emotion, so that's another clue as to what they might mean, for me. Powerful shadowy stuff.



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Not many. In 1998, when I was keen on writing down my dreams, UFOs appeared only in two of them. The first one was cool, there was this silvery object that kept changing its shape. Later in the dream, it even became a hawk (or so I thought in the dream). The second one was like a scene from a bad sci-fi movie, with multiple craft attacking and firing their ray cannons or something. Luckily they were amazingly bad shots.

In one dream in 1999, I saw a newspaper that had a headline about UFOs on its front page. Something about UFO sightings accustoming people to a future, where they will be a rather common sight.

I remember seeing an alien (the "standard" kind) only once. It was an unpleasant experience. At the time I had this problem with lucid dreaming, that soon after realizing I was dreaming, the dream (environment) would dissolve into darkness and then I would typically decide to wake up (because it seemed hard to "go back").

Well, in this instance the face of an alien emerged from the darkness right in front of me. It just stared me with its big black eyes, and I was terrified. I wished it would go away, but it did not. I could not wake up on command either, at least not right away.

After waking up I did not think anything of it really, except the experience reminded me of an earlier case of seeing someone's face emerge from the darkness. At first I had only seen a pair of human eyes, but by willing it, I was able to see the face of a young asian-looking woman. She even communicated with me (telepathically), telling me her name and nationality, and that she was a watcher (remote viewer?) assigned to monitor/observe me.

In one dream I was apparently trying to remote view some UFO target, but I don't remember any details on that one.


My wife had a dream/experience one night about an alien that was on our poarch and he was approaching the back door on his way to get to her while she was laying in bed on her side. She said that he intended on pooring something into her ear.

She didn't want him to do that so she tried to get my attention, she knew that I was sitting on the couch in the living room reading and listening to the Deftones, change on repeat mode. She mentally went into the living room to get me by intent and she claimed that a little impy looking thing was sitting on the stereo enjoying the music.

She ended up mentally grabbing the lamp near her bed and was wanting to hit the wall with it to get my attention but she could not move. She has had those frozen feelings before. She also claimed that she knew it was her favorite lamp so she put it down and threw tennis balls against the wall. While she was doing this to get my attention she said that the alien had made his/her way into the room and was still trying to poor the stuff in her ear.

She finally got free and came into the living room, for real, not mentally, and I was sitting on the couch and she staggered a little as if she didn't have full function of her body yet. She had this accusing tone in her voice as she asked what I was doing. She knows that I can put a lot of energy into intent and she asked that I turn off the large blue light she figured that I had turned on in the spirit to welcome entities to our house that night like a blue light special at K-mart. We both laughed and yes I did need to turn down my intent to experience things that night. It seemed to help.

I had to sit up with her for a while so that she could calm down and go back to bed. It was about 2 am.

She is very receptive and I have to be easy with intent with her because she tends to feel more of the results than I do. Whatever that means.... :-/

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Gotta be carefull what one says here but yes ive
dreamt of ufo's and reptillian/hybrid type looking ET's.
Never dreamt of those popular greys though ;)

However there was one incident about 4 months
ago which really shook me up abit as it
felt pretty real. the Aliens in question (DREAM ONLY)
looked very similar to that cloaked being in the last
episode of the currrnet series of STARGATE the TV series.

I hardly dream that much so this is why i remember
these things so clearly whenever i do get a vivid dream.

You could not see their faces (covered by a hood)
and they seemed to "fold-in" on themselves like they
were made of cloth or totally dimentional in make up.
Almost as if they were 2 dimentional actually

There was also a connection with the Future in this
dream and i get the feeling they were trying to warn
me about something global that could be avoided.

I never knew what it was they were trying to say but
they left clues behind.
just having a glimps of that future was pretty awesome.
Thats why i felt it was so real.

Some of the things i picked up without going
into the entire dream (for PEM only)

1) I saw an electronic Billboard for a future STARWARS MOVIE Trailer that was covered in cob webs on a wall

2) saw my daughter grown up as a teeen
which was really weird She seemed out of place
amongst her friends and in a world of her own :eek:
and doing her own thing.

3)Something relating to what our govt is doing now
will have a major bearing on our future and had to be stopped. (I think it was the middle east)
There was a sense of urgency throughout the whole

4) Tony Blair - warnings of some kind

5) oh and their wierd dimentional craft as well ;)

But the image of those shimmering hooded Beings in shinny dark/brown/gold clothes will remain with me for some time to come.

8) But again these are just dreams


My friend who is an abductee of the 'Greys' has said that they have told him that is the way they appear to us, but their true form is more reptillian. From the many things he has told me about them. I feel that these beings seem to be a dimensional or galactic disinformation and terror group. One of their goals seems to be to cause fear and to lead us to false beliefs.
On that note I will relate the more interesting things my friend has been 'shown' For the past several years he says that he has not been taken physically anymore but, his astral body is. Recently he was shown corn fields he felt were in Nebraska and was told something important will happen here in regard to the future of the human race. He was also told Providence RI has a secret between the 'Orion goup' and our government. Possibly some kind of facility he doesn't know.
One thing that perplexes me is the Planet X thing. The date for Nancy Lieder's timeline has come and gone. She is the one that is supposed to be in constant contact with the Zetas. If you have read Jim Marrs' "Alien Agenda" you know that other remote viewers have been told of planet X as well. I'm not sure of the purpose of this, but it seems already to have been proved as false, at least as far as the time line is concerned.
I think EC may be on to something though. I'm willing to be that if you had the Deftones playing all night they probably wouldn't bother you ;)

Dream Well :eek:



Especially if it is the song "change" from house of flies and white pony.

I have been through this phase of playing that song alone over and over on repeat mode. It seems to make me feel good, for some reason.

That song, with the tin foil hat, and you are safe from everything, except the munchies.

:D ::) :p :eek:

BC the EC


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lol. Reminds me of the time I had all but the 2 fast numbers from Peter Gabriel's SO CD (esp "Your Eyes") playing looped on CD for ... oh, about 48 hours.

(I really, really, liked that CD. :))

I had gone to bed again, with it still on, and I woke up INSIDE the damn song. This is obviously some bizarre psychological construct, it even sounds silly, but I swear I felt that I'd gone into a different dimension, as if his music was a 'doorway' out of this one. After awhile I got kind of scared by how surreal everything was and tried to go back to sleep, which worked, as I woke up here -- er, well, I assume it's the same here.

Joe McMoneagle's account in his current book THE STARGATE CHRONICLES about his work with lucid dream research Stephen LaBerge was really interesting. He would be totally wide awake and functioning in reality, only to realize that there was something 'off' and he was in the 'wrong reality'. And he'd force himself to go back to sleep, and wake up, and be relieved, and then after awhile realize that he was still in a reality "slightly off" from his own. He started panicking that he could never get home, so to speak. How scary! Reminded me vaguely of an account Casteneda had in 'The Art of Dreaming' about alternate realities.

I've dreamed about aliens a LOT. And sometimes what seems quite clearly more than dreams, given there are physical symptoms. Not recently though. I have been... er, sane for some time now doctor, I swear. ;D

The last alien related dream I had... let's see. Was a few months ago. It was the cat-eyed lizard guys. They were trying to get me involved in some soul-level agreement and trying to convince me that my best friend is already part of them. I ended up shouting at them that I was Archangel Michael's and I would never, never agree. LOL. I have really grand life and death, disney-sized technicolor dolby sound dreams. :)



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Gee, looks like I've got a lot of company. I thought there might be one or two of us alien dreamers but it seems there are lots. Cool!!!!! 8)

Karl, I'm with you on trying to figure out if it's all symbolic of some alien part of myself. Probably cos I also think that 'real life' is also a reflection of myself.......yet how real it seems. Are dreams also 'real' but in another dimension?

Oh to have even a few tiny weeny answers. :D

I've had a wierd string of dreams sinse 1990 that seem to be saying that the aliens are going to take some of us off planet, wipe the planet clean, put the garden of Eden back, then return the people. Ha ha

Now that is impossible for me to believe. Yet I dream it over and over........for years. Why? :-/



Aliens eh? Yeah, I've had some weird dreams. In one there was this 'pack' of red aliens lounging around near a bench. They were humanoid and seemed kinda smooth skinned, maybe scaly, hairless, a bit on the petite side and quite thin. I don't think they were nice either. I don't know what to make of it. I've never heard of red ones other than that dream. Seems like they are always green or grey.


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Hmmmmm I don't recall having heard of red eliens either. Maybe someone else has. There seems to be a growing variety.

I have never seen an aliens face but I've seen them from other angles.

One was the clasic 'grey' but he was quite tall, maybe 6ft. He was light brown and had wrinkly skin. He felt like a wise elder and was showing me his planet. It looked like a forrest shrouded in mist.

Another time I saw aliens hovering over the end of my bed. I couldn't see their faces but they wore long robes.

Another time I saw a bunch of little 'greys' looking into my living room window while I was meditating. But they also had light brown skin. They also had pointed ears like elves.

I've seen these little guys a lot. Sometimes during meditation or dreams or OBE's.

Once they taught me about the space time connection by taking me on a tour inside my bedroom wall. They made me so tiny that the space inside the wall seemed miles wide and it took a long time to cross. Then they made me normal size and I went through the wall in a second. It was very cool to experience.

Tunde my robed aliens wore a lot of colour......purples and red I think it was.



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Hi Lucid,

boy I'm glad I've had nothing like your alien eyes experience! :eek:

I have had two episodes of knowing someone was RVing me though.

The first time I could see someone RVing me they seemed to be using something like a mirror as well. It felt weird being watched so I held up a mirror so that all they would see was themselves. I thought it was really funny and woke up laughing about it.

The second time I was not quite asleep. I felt someone checking me out. I sort of 'felt' they were thinking, "OH she's a nice person. I think she will be good for our group".
Hey PJ that wasn't you was it? :eek: LOL

I remember thinking that I must take note of any groups I join up with in the near future. I felt the person was from my future for some reason. I felt they had RV'd me but instead of getting their current up to date me, they had got a slightly younger version, like a month or so prior. And I have joined two groups since then. LOL
Who ever it was felt nice, unlike the first time. That person felt .......not scary.......but not the type you'd trust. More creepy than scary.

Lucid do you think your experience with the Asian RVer was true in the physical? Did she say why she was watching you?



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Speaking of being probed. We were weren't we? ;D

A few days ago I woke up from a dream because I suddenly felt like someone was probing me. But I woke up into another very lucid dream.

I was standing on a high mountain with a guy. A probe was flying through the air zeroing in on me. The guy suggested I grab it when it came close, which I did.

It was a leaf rolled up and held in place by a twig. I went to scrunch it up but stopped because the aliens who had sent it were watching from their craft.

The craft was very blocky in shape with bits and pieces jutting out here and there. It was white with one red light and one blue.

When I woke up I could see it was all symbolic. The rolled up leaf was the same as a reed whistle the natives in New Guinea taught me to make as a child.

To me that says the probe was a 'natural', 'high pitched' vibration.

The colours of the craft were the same as our police cars. To me that says 'authority'.

So what's the dreams saying? Some authority (gov or alien) is using a natural vibration as a probe?

Probing for what?

Is there no end to questions. LOL



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Lucid do you think your experience with the Asian RVer was true in the physical? Did she say why she was watching you?
Well, it is a titillating thought in a way, but no.. Way too unlikely to be true. I just can't see myself as a worthwhile "target". ;)


"Keep Moving Forward"
Hi Liz,

long time no see :))

Tunde my robed aliens wore a lot of colour......purples and red I think it was.



Ok i got that as well but i still they just did not
seem like three dimensional if you know what i mean.
This was what spooked me about the whole thing.

I also just found about about a another speices
which some people are calling the SHADOWS.


are they good or bad dudes ?

see link below :



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Hey Tunde,

good to see you.  ;)

That picture of the 'shadow' reminds me of the Mothman story. Didn't a few people see an entity that was the same or similar and associated with upcoming negative events?

What do you make of the predictions you got? Have you had any come true so far?



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Well, it is a titillating thought in a way, but no.. Way too unlikely to be true. I just can't see myself as a worthwhile "target".
Hi Lucid,

What do you make of it? Do you think it might have been a part of yourself keeping watch over your physical self?



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I will post separately on 'shadows', Deb, as it's not necessarily the aliens in dreams thing. -- PJ