An idea from Snorbles thread


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Rather than detract from Snorble's query and PJ's in depth reply I thought it courteous to start a different thread.
Maybe we'll get PJ enough material up she'll present us with a best seller. ;D
PJ touched on something that has been in the back of my mind for, well, years actually.
It's meditation.

I've been a practicing martial artist for the better part of three decades now. I'm belted in 2 styles of Tae Kwon Do - [1st and 2nd degree Black], Kempo [Brown], Hapkido [1 st degree Black] and am certified in joint locks, pressure points and knife fighting. Yes, I bare handedly destroyed defenseless boards and cinder blocks and severely lacerated various harmless fruits, vegetables and sheets of foam rubber. I only gave private lessons and normally they were officers from Ft.Polk in Louisiana. Adults only, no children or teens. The style I taught was to play for keeps.

This isn't a my head is bigger than yours statement. It's to illustrate that I know how to meditate. To be very good in martial arts requires one to be able to focus solely on what you're doing in order to accomplish it. At least the kind of meditation required for martial arts purposes. It's also rather handy in learning how to ignore pain that tends to come with a full contact competition. Every style of meditation I've studied requires one to focus on a specific "point" without the use of force in order to achieve that focus.

That kind of meditation however is entirely different from the meditation I use to RV. For martial arts I would focus on "the other side of the target" for example. To control pain, it doesn't exist. All that exists is something else. Anything else. My opponent, the drive home, what I should have anticipated, practicing what I should have anticipated. You get the idea.

What I do for RV is simpler. I just relax and focus on the rise and fall of my breathing.

Simple enough really [in theory] but,,, how the heck does one put into words when trying to explain the feeling you're looking for to others? That is my entire point to this post.

I can explain that your goal is to not force your concentration, just nudge your focus back to it and it takes time to attain the goal. With pratice it comes quicker but there is a certain point you want to attain. At least I do.

No one, nowhere that I have looked has been able to put the actual experience of what you want to "feel" into words.

If someone were to ask me about binaural beats, easy answer. It gives me a throbbing friggin headache. I don't recall the name of the meditation but it uses tones. How would I explain it? Tinnitus via headphones.

What do I feel that's RV related? I can't put it into words beyond I kind of feel like I'm floating but I'm not, peaceful, receptive, open. Aware of what's going on around me but it doesn't intrude. It's a lot easier to separate the junk from the conscious mind from what the subconscious is bringing in. And that's about it.ข้อดี-ข้อเสียของการเล่นบอลออนไลน์

I've been able to enter this state almost at will as long as I can recall. There are also times that I enter it without the intent and it doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing. That's when things get interesting,,, no cues needed. I tend to know things I shouldn't and it happens randomly but often enough it's not to be ignored. Just no dammed lottery numbers though. :mad:

If someone comprehends what I'm trying to get across here it might be helpful to others who know they need to meditate but really don't know anything beyond that and can put the experience into better words than mine.

I'll wager it would be most appreciated. After all, no meditation no meaningful RV experience.
Then again, am I able to do something not everyone else is experiencing? Like I said. I've never seen anyone put their experience into any in depth verbiage.
I for one would appreciate finding that out.