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Anatomy of the matrix

I'm interested in what we know about the field (calling it the matrix for ID purposes) through which psi and RV appear to interpenetrate everyone and everything. I am assuming that it is an energy field which stores information which we access through our own subconscious interface with it. Not sure if there are other opinions on it...

I am also curious about the anomalies within the field itself. I have encountered a couple of strange things and I am wondering if others are detecting odd things as well. I am speaking of things like...vortexes...time reverses...other oddities encountered within the field which seem a bit unusual in what I assume is essentially holographic information (if indeed that is what it is.)

Anyone encountered anything odd out there? (aside from the fact that it exists at all, I mean) :)
Hi Janine,

Yesterday I have found interesting and pretty much alive website which may be also of your interest https://sites.google.com/a/mindmattermapping.org/mmmp/
Look at their Research News and scroll down to the Time-reversed psychological effects, there will be an article about premonition and precognition.

and from 2003 interesting but not easy to digest document:

and I have accidently encountered a piece of Tim Rifat's work ( a bit like RV compendium) http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vision_remota/esp_visionremota_9.htm#menu
with red links which lead to the immense material organised as bibliotecapleyades.net. I have found Rupert Sheldrake's Morphic Fields there and many other topics to chose from.
Solaris...many thanks for posting these links. They do indeed seem to cover some of the territory I'm curious about. It is going to take a while to do justice to them. :)

The vortex has seemed to me to be psi/consciousness moving through time and space...for instance, when one perceives oneself as traveling through the future, it seems to create an impression that might be perceived as a narrowing of space and traveling or momentum through time; but I suspect that could be an artifact of consciousness itself. But...not sure. No one ever seems to talk about it, so data has been difficult to find...could just be my own subjective (and quite possibly erroneous) take on it.


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Janine B said:
Anyone encountered anything odd out there? (aside from the fact that it exists at all, I mean) :)
Nope, nothing out of the ordinary, pretty ho hum. ;D

I've been pretty forthcoming in my posts, try using the search with me as the author.



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The Matrix is only a mental model; it is not a thing or place.

Although I suppose the mind can make anything real if it wants.

All the probabilities (both weird and mundane) are as much 'in here' as 'out there'.
PJ, I don't disagree that the matrix appears to be a mental construct...though not positive that much of our *reality* isn't as well. :) That said, while allowing that it is an inner rather than an exterior thing, it seems that many people who (knowingly) experience psi connections seem to have similar experiences to some degree, at least enabling a certain amount of classification and comparison.

I'm thinking here of our divisions of clairaudience, telepathy, clairvoyance, the sense of knowing, bilocation, precognition, OBEs, and so forth. Each are experienced a little bit differently. Some of us who have experienced some of them, but never studied them to any major degree, might be able to learn from the greater experiences of the group. I believe that there are commonalities across most of it which have been charted before. Unfortunately, while some are pretty well known, I rarely if ever see reference to some of the others.

For example, that swirling of energy that starts low and rises up around the physical body moving faster and faster until it forms a sort of energy shield through its movement-- is there a name for that? Can it be used for anything other than a protective barrier? Monroe calls something similar which is imagined/created on purpose a *resonant energy balloon*, but he doesn't discuss all of its uses, nor use it with speed and energy as near as I can tell. ( I haven't attended his on-site Gateway program, so I could be wrong about this; but he doesn't talk about it on his CDs) I have exchanged stories with other people who have used that spontaneously...

I also rarely see reference to a traveling vortex, but I am pretty certain that there are others who have experienced it...and I experienced it without any idea of what it was and before I had any clue where it was leading. Why would that type of thing even be necessary? Why not just show me the information? I don't deny it could be an artifact of my own conscious...maybe my mind's way of signaling me as to the nature of what is coming, but it seems wholly unnecessary --unless-- it has something to do with how consciousness itself works to pick up or recognize the information by timescale.

Bottom line: I'm just curious about things. <g> It seems to be a lifelong condition... ::)

@Mycroft - judging by the number of posts you have at TKR, this could take me quite a while... ;)
Janine, I suffer from the same lifelong condition :) My last post was a bit unfortunate, I agree. It would be insane to follow all this links. It just shows my desperation.... ;D
I had only one experience some time ago when I mentally created a vortex under extreme emotions( anger) which were growing in me for some time. I did it on purpose, it required concentration but at the same time it was done very naturally. The result was striking, I was literally astonished as it took just 5 minutes for the "thing" to happen. The "thing" was the solution to the problem I would never expect. It manifested as the event. It never happened again, this feeling of emotions "materialising" into a vortex. It was very powerful experience but I am aware that this could be illusion/delusion ;) and could be a pure coincidence. Today I am not proud using anger as a vehicle but I am just a bit more aware than I was then.
As I said it was mentally only experienced vortex and I did not feel this energy physically. My feeling is that we humans can do intuitively many things without previous knowledge and vortex seems to be one of them.
You may already know of this book, but it had a big impact on my thinking re RV, reverse speech (RS), dowsing etc. "The Holographic Universe" Michael Talbot

Janine B said:
I'm interested in what we know about the field (calling it the matrix for ID purposes) through which psi and RV appear to interpenetrate everyone and everything. I am assuming that it is an energy field which stores information which we access through our own subconscious interface with it. Not sure if there are other opinions on it...
@Scientist George - I have heard of the book The Holographic Universe, but haven't had a chance to read it yet. I will put it on my list. :)

@Solaris - I think that the vortex of which you are speaking might correspond with the swirling energy field that I mentioned (as opposed to the *traveling* vortex) It was also like an energy vortex when I experienced it...and come to think of it, I think it was inspired much like your own by anger, although there might have been a tinge of fear in mine at the earliest stages. It felt like energy to me, rising from the bottom upwards, but by the time it was going fast and moving up past my shoulders and higher, I felt like I could see it...like the energy itself was dense enough and moving fast enough to be perceptible...kind of the way you see air currants, only moving fast in a sort of spiraling/circular configuration.

This was quite a while back, so I don't mind giving a few details. There was a guy in the room with me and he was extremely angry too (as well as being a whole lot larger than me). He started towards me, took two steps and stopped dead just beyond the periphery of the energy field. I stopped being afraid...and even lost track of the argument to some degree, believe it or not. <g> It was like being in the center of a maelstrom, rather magnificent in its own way. I felt like Thor at the top of a mountain, if I was being poetic about it, that is (okay, I admit I have an over-active imagination...)

I have a friend who experienced something very similar when some teenage gang members (or so she thought) were disturbing her sleeping baby who had been ill. It happened when she tried to get them to stop, but one of them began crowding her and took up a menacing stance instead. She is just a little thing, but she said she didn't know what came over her... the next thing she knew she felt this strong energy swirling around her, said that she could feel actually feel her eyes shooting flames at him and she was no longer afraid but felt ten feet tall. She told me that he got the strangest look on his face and began backing up, saying "Lady, you are crazy!" Sounds a bit like a comic book, doesn't it? :)

Anecdotal, of course. But...a word to the wise...be careful around those super-hero moms!
I think we are talking about the same phenomenon the only difference is that I could see it with my mind's eye and was trying to control it, to make it bigger, more powerful, faster and very destructive. From what I have read ( later) this is how magic works.
Be it accidental magic or our hidden abilities on the loose we are powerful beings. I have not experienced time reversal or travel vortex but I have experienced ( and I know I am not very original here) time acceleration and deceleration. Both can be almost painful: the water which never boils when you stand and wait ;D, the ordinary way to work too short when you would like to enjoy the sun and too long when it rains. I have never thought seriously about time in relation to our feelings, senses, even attention, but there is something in it. It seems to be natural for us, we all know it but I don't see any rational explanation to it.
Some time ago I was fascinated by Philadelphia experiment, Montauk project ( absolutely horrific), and interviews with Al Bielek and others who claim they were involved in time travel projects. I would not trust all of them but I cannot deny that some interviews are very very convincing....
The thing I call *the traveling vortex* (possibly a bit of a misnomer) seemed to be a type of precognition that moved forward into the future. I was concerned about something that was happening in my life and there was no place to get the answer except inside so I turned inside and asked for the answer (something I have done from time to time pretty much all my life since it seemed to work) but the answers which came were not the ones I wanted to hear, so I asked why it was that way and if that was all that there was. A cry in the dark as it were...

The answer that came was in the form of a trip from the present to the future, starting in the dark void where knowledge just came to me from all around and then seeming to move quickly in a forward direction, touching on various points of my life ahead in the form of shadowed images, perceptions and feelings. It was clear enough to understand what was going to happen. And, then, it went black. :-( Didn't actually show my death, so I suppose there is some chance that the vision just stopped there...but as it covered a good part of my life to date over the last twenty-five years, I suspect that was the implication. So far, it has all been correct.

I was in a public place at the time sitting with friends. I have no idea how long it took and I know that they must have been conversing while it was happening, but they had totally faded out of my consciousness at that point. Fortunately, the lighting was fairly dim...they had no idea what had happened and things like that were not something one interjected into conversation back then, even with friends. I suspect that it seemed a lot longer than it actually took.

I have run into other people who have had the precog visions before, but so far, haven't conversed with anyone who has experienced the time moving forward thing. I'm still hoping to encounter some though. I haven't spent much time around people who are naturally psychic and as I live in a pretty conservative area, conversation doesn't tend to turn in that direction very often.

That is a good example of the kind of thing I was referring to, though.
Now I see. Very interesting. I have never had any graphic precognition but I have frequently something I would call "intuitive knowledge", feeling that something will happen and usually it is quite accurate. What I have noticed recently I am scared of it and I am even trying to block it as I worry to "see" something unpleasant I won't be able to prevent from happening. It is not that these feelings are always negative, some are positive but these are unfortunately not too frequent.
Some of these flickers of intuition were quite unbelievable. One example was a very difficult exam I was studying for for months and on the last day I suddenly got the idea to look at two random text books ( I forgot I have these books) with multiple choice questions which someone had brought me from abroad some time ago. It was too late to properly study these books but what I did I read some questions paying attention to the right answers. These questions miraculously appeared on the exam and were nail in the coffin for most of the people but I did well.
I would be happy to have such gut feeling playing lotto :)
I think that most of my precog experiences have been either neutral or helpful--some even life-saving-- so I tend to look on them more favorably. I have a friend, though, who associates her precog visions with bad things, so she has no real desire to explore them or experience them. I guess they took on a negative connotation for her.

I did try to shut down the psi experiences at one point when I was quite young and it worked for a little while. Unfortunately for me, at least, I didn't have that much control back then. I don't think I realized that they could be controlled. :(

Interesting to me how as you got closer to a test which you were worried about, the intuition came to you to look at certain books... I think it does work like that. One gets either focused on/or emotional about something and asks for help (even if they don't realize at the time that they are doing so), and bam! Surprise...there is the answer.

I think if people could compare similar experiences and mark the correlations, we might learn something about even our stranger experiences.

I would like to hear from people who have had experiences like jumping out of their bodies while they are wide awake engaging in regular activities (waking OBEs). That is a fascinating topic...but there are many others. What do people think about astral travel? Do they lend any weight to it or think of it more as dreams...? And, so on... a lot of interesting topics for someone like me who missed out on a lot of the books and stuff I guess a lot of people read on the subject.