Ancient Aliens Season 8


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i am looking forward to seeing tonight's premier. After seven years of watching this I'm not sure what is left except recent discoveries. It will take a second revolution in the US to put a truthful government in place who will actually discuss these things, I am looking forward to that day.

Last UFO I saw was when I was pulling out of the lot after purchasing a Valentine's card for my wife. It was similar in appearance to this one. With my glasses on sitting at a stoplight it was less than a quarter mile away and I would have to say 45-60 feet across. It was hovering above a building and then moved off behind it. I had probably 5-10 seconds to figure out just what the heck it was. The sighting was so anticlimactic that I haven't talked much about it. Maybe I'm so jaded from all the programs that I've watched that it it doesn't have flashing lights, tractor beams or ray guns it is just ho hum. Somehow I got the impression this was a more common phenomenon just before and during the Renaissance when so many of those religious paintings were made with UFOs in them.

Keep you eyes in the skies!