Angel Valley Retreat Center & A May Tasking, Coincidence?


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Coincidence? I hope you know me better than that, there are no coincidences!

I had two objectives in mind, the first one to reward a viewer who had worked a particularly disturbing task for me. A closed but unresolved case which has had numerous books and movies made about it so you can imagine how violent the subject of the tasking. The viewer had been taking progressively egregious tasks previously so after a soft target I let go with this monster. The viewer deprogrammed as instructed and was not suffering any lasting effects and instructed me that tasks like this would not be an issue in the future. Being the the softy I am and having been satisfied that I had the truth about a 34 year old crime, the next task was supposed to have been a reward.

The second objective was I was doing research on retreat centers for potential purchase, I allowed my higher self to pick the retreat center to be researched through Remote Viewing. My higher self picked Angel Valley Retreat Center, which I considered a highly promotable center with a polished reputation, just the kind I was looking for.

The tasking on the feedback page was thus:
"Complex task: There is a hyperlink to a video embedded into
the feedback picture. Your directive is to take the tour and

Clearly this should have been a most enjoyable and relaxing remote viewing session.

The first part of the session data was right on the money just what one might expect from spiritual enlightenment, deep meditation, prolonged contemplation in nature or a ceremony in the sweat lodge. Perfect!

Then then the session took a nasty turn, fodder for a Halloween Special, not being a complainer I just let it go hoping it was not carryover from a previous tasking. After a brief discussion we just let it drop, either the tasking was non-specific and in error or the session data was miss interpreted. That was last May.

Then Thursday, October 8th happened. Two dozen injured and two dead by a greedy bastard (Shaman wannabe) who put 55 people in the sweat lodge pictured in the below link for over two hours! Charging them $9,695 for spiritual enlightenment!


Here is the entire last half of the session data.

3 rotating lights
a person floating underneath
the person seems limp...floating
I hear knocking, a surge of fear
inside a very bright lit room
can only barely make out this large
rounded area with arches
sections of arches going all around
the room
a person, male
a hand over his mouth and a hand on
his shoulder
cursive letters ...m j ... maj...mar
smell food...brownies
tears from the compounds eyes
shaking vilonetlsy
a kiss on my cheek

Hindsight is 20/20 you can read from this a man having a heart attack and calling MAR. The wannabe charging for $9,695 to torture these people was named James Arthur Ray or Mr. Arthur Ray (mar)
The fear, tears and eventually seizures. Yesterday I got verification from the viewer that they realized this was a 'compound' and all there were crying. For the second time I am sickened that this reward session turned out to be a bane.

My reasoning for going public at this time is the timeliness, my belief in full disclosure, closing the feedback loop for life on any case I am aware of (ala Pat Price's memorable session where feedback came 17 years after his transition [no thanks to the CIA]), proving once again the validity of Remote Viewing, as a warning to other remote viewers there can sometimes be unintentional consequences and finally closure for all those involved with the above mentioned tasking.

Our heartfelt sorrow that we were unable to avert this disaster.



Source; the site:
"The White Buffalo tipi offers space for ceremony or similar group gatherings. It 22ft diameter can host groups of 30-35 persons seated on back-jacks."

Stated capacity twenty to thirty fewer than were have been known to be inside at the time of the event.


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I did not know this thread was here....

Shame I didnt notice it...when time can be of the esscense!


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I really don't know what kind of justice can be served in this instance. Money talks and this guy is going to walk. I saw this today at work and it still upsets me, even more so when I saw what he'd put these weekend warriors through before he killed them.

I'll be the first to make it clear, when I go on an extreme spiritual quest, it can take months of preparation. At least a couple of weeks off all meds, a special diet the day before and fasting the entire day of the event. If the blood pressure is high or low it is a no-go period!

The greed of this vermin sickens me and tarnishes everyone in the business and prevents people from developing themselves to their full potential. Not just the seekers suffer, but those with addictions that have to seek ibogaine treatments in third world countries.

The truth is out there and you can go to the head of the class from a single event, but people like this just ruin it for the rest.



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Truly Tragic , mabe justice will be served ?

here is yet another link, some of the trial footage and transcripts , lengthy details, I had some trouble with the link , because I think it is just a conglomeration of this guys (the murderer) litearture, and brochures, but the info seems legit ..


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Thanks for that most excellent reference. Written in the very light that I think it should be, maybe he won't walk?



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Co-owner of Angel Valley:
"Having seen the often-chaotic aftermaths of the Ray-led sweat lodges on his property, Hamilton said he was nonetheless chagrined when he heard and saw, from his office on the property, medical helicopters landing near the sweat lodge. He then received a call from his wife.

"My wife Amyra called me," he said. "She said, 'He did it again.' "

That statement was enough to lead to another defense motion for mistrial at a sidebar, which Darrow promptly denied."

The State's primary witness hasn't been allowed to testify.

My heart goes out to Angel Valley Retreat for the lost business and because they might be culpable under the law for three times enhancing the size and heating capacity for these rituals.



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"A jury in Arizona on Wednesday convicted a bestselling author and self-help guru in the deaths of three clients during a sweat lodge ceremony in 2009 that was intended to help participants overcome adversity to reach their full potential.",0,7374542.story

I agree with the defense had the state not botched their investigation, but disproved pesticide contaminates in the wood instead, he'd have gotten triple the sentence.

This guy is only 1 tick away from a Jimmy Jones, you haven't heard the last of him.



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Wonder what the punishment phase will wind up being ?

I wonder at the term convicted of negligent homicide actually indicates, something of an accident,
something overlooked, a mistake was made..timing was off...ect..

A first time drunk could say something to that effect, ignorance could lead to the negligent phrase,(meaning)..

Not knowing what could happen from say an experiment ?

I think the term does not work here.

This was close to happening before, the warnings were there, He reminds me of the movie 'UNBREAKABLE'
Here is a Lunatic looking for suvivors of a catrosphe that he creates ~! (same as the movie)
Making his super suvivors grateful to have lived.
He should have gotten Manslaughter ~!


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No Probation! Two Years!

He still says he didn't realize anything was wrong.

Just like I said he is another Jimmie Jones in the making. With all those people passed out or needing help to even leave the sweat lodge, he didn't see anything wrong with that.

You'll hear more about this guy, he'll be back. He would have made a good camp leader in Germany in 1936. There will always be work for people like that.

I'd really be upset but you know, now Bubba doesn't have to fantasize about his play-date, with a good looking cell mate like James Arthur Ray.



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I noticed in his courthouse statement he says this ..

"There’s not one single day that passes that I don’t relive the moments of that night, asking what did I miss, what could I have done differently?"...

What did I miss ?????????
so still, here he is, in denial !!!

What did I miss.. (common sense, common decency, iq of 60 or over) all that and much much more.

I am hoping that there will be some prison justice !


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This is beginning to look like a horror show with too many sequels.

The last time I saw a picture of someone like this it was Jim Jones the cult leader before he drank his own kool-aid.