Angela Ford will be on CBS Sunday Morning News Sunday, March 18, 2018

Angela Ford will appear on TV on the CBS Sunday Morning News this coming Sunday, March 18, 2018.

Angela has kept a pretty low profile in social media and it is a pity she is not better known. She was a viewer in the Star Gate Ft. Meade remote viewing unit and has been a research subject with Dr. Ed May, along with Joe McMoneagle and Nevin Lantz, for several decades.

An interview with Angela appeared in 8 Martinis magazine in April 2016.

Former Senator and Defense Secretary William Cohen, a supporter of the Gate program, is an admirer and vouches for her in this article:

A book about a case Angela worked (Kindle):

Here is a link to the segment on youtube:

It was good to see at least some positive presentation of psi and RV, however once-over-very-very-lightly. But disappointing to see two dismissive/ false statements by Annie Jacobsen and a scientist - who is not even asked if he has examined the evidence (many skeptics who appear on the tube have not - as they sometimes admit when pressed). This small segment is sandwiched in with 5 or 6 other mind/brain topics.
Feels like the same ol story. not much innovation in terms of the narrative. and what the heck does Uri Geller have to do with all of this? ESP = spoonbending?


There are many claims that he was caught cheating numerous times, but there also appear to be valid examples of psi, e.g. Stanford testing.