Any killshot updates - Is it still suppose to happen?


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I watched Ed Dames video about the killshot a year or two ago. Just wondering what's up with that? Is it still suppose to happen? I don't see any updates on his website.

I think he had a team of remote viewers that apparently all saw the event taking place in the near future. I can't remember the events that were suppose to happen before the killshot. Have any of them happened?

Has anybody else tried tried to rv this event to see if it's still going to happen?

I believe in parallel realities so I think it's possible that they saw one possible future reality, but I think it's also possible that we could have shifted to another reality where it won't happen.

Personally I'd like to move to south America but it sounds like a bad idea if the killshot is still on. I'm pretty sure he said there wasn't many if any survivors in South America.


Before you move, check out the predictions section of this page.

Also this documents predictions he did us the favor of dating, numbers 1, 2, and 7, all of which were wrong.

This is sad,
PSI-TECH: Not so Smart

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Do some research before you give people money, no less make life-changing decisions based on their advice.
Ed Dames needs a better track record. his predictions are simply not credible. this is unfortunate. so dont move to south america yet...


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It would be easier to die than to dodge the doomsday bullet. Your spirit can go on to bigger and better things. You probably have been killed many times on planet Earth. I don't sweat death. Thinking about it only causes you to stress, thus life will suck.


He now apparently says the North Korea prophecy is fulfilled. Apparently their test site had a malfunction and that qualifies as them using "nukes is anger". Seems a little straw graspy to me.