APP Conference June 22-25 in Vegas


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There's still time to sign up for the June APP conference at Green Valley Resort in Vegas (Henderson).

  • Six ARV predictions (then head down to the sportsbook to use your results, if you want)
  • Nightly social events including a screening of the new Ingo Swann documentary "A Life Gone Wild"
  • Plus these great speakers:

Joe McMoneagle 2 sessions! "Wisdom about $$/wealth from 40 years of RV" and "My Project Star Gate targets"
Lyn Buchanan "An RV self-healing tool"
Tom Campbell "Retrocausality and My Big TOE (Theory of Everything)"
Dean Radin "Science and real 'magic'" (via webinar)
Steve Braude "Taking macro PK seriously"
Jeff Mishlove "My first remote viewing"
Nancy Smith "Dreaming ARV Project results and what we learned"
John Herlosky "Analysis/Judging using independent or self judging"