APP Conference-Workshop-Webinar June 22 - 25 in Las Vegas


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I'm cross posting this here from another venue because I don't think events are getting enough coverage, if this was the wrong place or the wrong place to do it, just move or delete it no hard feelings.

I'd love to to attend, I don't know if I'll have to coin to make the trip but I'd be willing to take pictures and document the event if someone wants to kick in for me making the trip!

The Applied Precognition Project is excited to announce the APP 2017
Conference <> in Las
Vegas, June 22 - 25. This is our yearly opportunity to gather with friendly
like-minded people, who are interested in expanding their consciousness and
improving their remote viewing skills. As usual at our gatherings in Las
Vegas, we will be doing sports predictions - six (6) predictions, wagering
(optional), and feedback.
The theme of the conference is:
Consciousness is FUNdamental
Remote Viewing: Health-Wealth-Wisdom
Speakers include:
Dean Radin - "Science and Real 'Magic'"
Joe McMoneagle - "Wisdom about Money/Wealth from 40+ Years of Remote
Lyn Buchanan -- "A Remote Viewing Self-Healing Tool".
Steve Braude - "Taking Macro PK Seriously"
John Herlosky - "Analysis/Judging using Independent or Self-Judging"
Nancy Smith - "Dreaming ARV Project - Results and What We Learned"
Marty Rosenblatt - "Personal Creativity for Health-Wealth-Wisdom"
Join us and learn new ways to increase your health, wealth, and wisdom.
Save the dates (June 22 <>
- 25) and register early to save some money.seems wise :) We have a two-week
early-early-bird special which includes a free book and personal signing
(Joe, Lyn, Steve or John) until the end of January. Here is the timing for
price changes for Full Members ($50 more, if not a full member)
Early Early Bird ---- $325 through January.
Early Bird ----------- $425 until May 22 (1 month before conference).
Full Price ----------- $545 until conference starts.
I hope you can join us for the fun, sharing of ideas, and learning,




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Reminder that the early-early bird special runs through Jan 31st. Lowest price for attending, plus get a signed book from your choice of Joe McMoneagle, Lyn Buchanan (who seems to be recuperating nicely, thank goodness), Stephen Braude, or John Herlosky.

An update from Marty:

2017 Applied Precognition Project conference, June 22-25 is in Las Vegas at the Green Valley Hotel, Spa and Casino.

The theme of the event is “Consciousness is FUNdamental” with the focus on “Remote-viewing for health, wealth and Wisdom”.

You can learn more about your remote viewing skills from top remote viewers, consciousness experts and researchers. Our lineup of speakers includes:

Joe McMoneagle will share, “Wisdom about money and wealth from 40+ years of remote viewing”.
Tom Campbell, physicist, consciousness expert and author of “My Big Toe” will talk about Retrocausality from his My Big Toe perspective.
Dean Radin will be presenting “Science and Real Magic”.
Lyn Buchanan will talk about, “ Remote-Viewing as a Self-Healing Tool”.
Steve Braude will be presenting “Taking Macro PK Seriously”.
Jeff Mishlove will discuss his “First Remote Viewing” at SRI
John Herlosky will present, “Analysis and Judging Using Independent or Self-judging”
Nancy Smith is talking about the first ever “ARV Dreaming Project – Results and What We Learned”.
Marty Rosenblatt will present, “Personal Creativity for Health-Wealth-Wisdon”.

Our attendees will have the opportunity to use Associative Remote Viewing to predict 6 sporting events…and being at a hotel near Vegas, wise wagering will be part of the fun for many of us. It’s a great opportunity to be with people who recognize the enormous capabilities of consciousness , including practical application of predicting the future with odds much better than chance!
Another update from Marty:

The Applied Precogniton Project is honored to announce that The Estate of Ingo Swann has given us permission to show, “A Life Gone Wild”

More information about the film and its showing in New York at the link below.

Our showing will be at the APP conference on June 23 in Las Vegas.

Janet Mitchell will introduce the film and speak on her relationship with Ingo and contributions to the Consciousness fields in the 1970s. Janet is also an important part of the short film.

Questions and comments will be encouraged after the film.