APP Fest 2017 will be at Green Valley Ranch October 19-22, 2017

Applied Precognition Project's APPFest 2017

Thursday, October 19 to Sunday, October 22 at the Green Valley Ranch & Resort in Henderson, NV

Space is limited to about 25 participants.

There will be presentations by:

Jeff Mishlove--Paradigms and Paradoxes
Steve Braude--The Amazing Case of Patience Worth: A Paranormal Literary Mystery
John Alexander--Reality Denied: First-hand Experiences with Things That Can't Happen...But Did
Bob Cunningham--A Day at Area 51
Jon Knowles--Vistas from Ingo Swann's Emerald Kingdom: A Report from the Archives
Marty Rosenblatt--Precognition/ Retrocausality and Money/Wealth

We'll be doing 10 wagerable ARV predictions.

Social events each night: Spoon/rod bending party first night, second night a group foray to the Strip, and the final night there is a "Farewell Dinner."
[size=12pt]For my presentation at APPFest 2017, The Estate of Ingo Swann has kindly given me permission to use quotes from Ingo’s correspondence and discuss unpublished manuscripts and materials little or unknown to the public. These include lengthy drafts on topics like astrology and reincarnation. There are still spaces available if you want to join us at APPFest 2017 in Las Vegas (Henderson).

My presentation will be Friday October 20, and is titled: “Vistas from Ingo Swann’s Emerald Kingdom: A Report from the Archives”

I don't know what plans the Estate has for publishing materials, including republishing of existing books, for which there is a great need. Ingo's sister (on behalf of the Estate) wrote me that if Ingo had wanted these unpublished materials published, he would have done so. Which implies they may not publish them.

Some of the material in a ms on UFO's has been put into another book. However, the materials on astrology and reincarnation, and other topics, have not, AFAIK. I will be able to quote some of the correspondence and some of the drafts books and articles, but that will, naturally, be very limited.

Some material is in the form of reports to Ed May at SRI and according to Ed May, it is their material. So some of it may appear in Ed May and Sonali Bhatt Marwaha's 4 or 5-volume set about the Star Gate program, scheduled to start coming out this fall. The SRI reports from Ingo that I am thinking of dealt mainly with "Analytics" - attempts to make a breakthrough with numbers and letters. I will be including some of that material in my presentation. Some of the "analytics" material is in an APP GoToMeeting I did, available to paid members of APP ($50 per year).