Applied Precognition Las Vegas Workshop


Applied Precognition:
A Workshop for Remote Viewers
Skip Atwater
Marty Rosenblatt
Green Valley Ranch and Resort, Las Vegas
June 12 to June 15, 2012
(Tuesday 3:00pm thru Friday 11:00am to permit attendance at the IRVA Conference)
[url]For all the details and registration - click here.[/url]
This workshop is focused on applying your natural ability to gather information from the future. The Group 1ARV Protocol is the latest advance in applying Remote Viewing skills to predict Future Outcomes. We will be predicting the outcomes of baseball games and financial market price movements - wagering is optional.

Skip and Marty will be the primary independent Analysts and Judges of the RV transcripts. Analysis/Judging (AJing) of the transcripts is a critical aspect of the protocol and is done in a novel way with enhanced redundancy due to the Group approach. One of the objectives of this workshop is to teach others how to use RV for similar applications with independent groups. Each participant is encouraged to participate as an AJer, with Skip and Marty, for at least one prediction.

There will be a minimum of formal presentations and a maximum of a relaxed atmosphere with open dialogue concerning the mysteries surrounding the gathering of information from the future. You will learn by doing and applying this Group 1ARV approach - this is truly an investment in your self. We will do 5 (five) predictions, observe their outcomes, and do the important FeedBack Sessions during the workshop - see the schedule-agenda.
This Group 1ARV Protocol is a Personal and Team Protocol

Together, we will be using the casino facilities and short-term financial price moves to measure our forecasts of the future. Wagering is, of course, optional. We would like to see many independent 1ARV teams sprout up as part of the developing consciousness paradigm shift. Some of the participants in this workshop may want to continue together as an Independent 1ARV team; another option for participants.
Specific applications will include 3 baseball games and 2 financial applications (short moves on the EUR/US and S&P500 Futures). We will discuss longer-term applications as well, including long-term financial applications and finding missing persons.

Spirit and consciousness are at the core of remote viewing, precognition and all other psi-related phenomena. This workshop offers the opportunity to explore your personal spirit/consciousness in a team environment while doing applications. Join us if you can. The fun and learning starts on Tuesday afternoon at the beautiful Green Valley Ranch Spa and Casino with welcome and introductions.

We will be meeting in the Tuscany Suite to permit a comfortable setting conducive to learning and applying remote viewing. The Four Day Workshop Registration is . The suite size limits us to 15 participants, only 4 places remain. [url]For all the details and registration - click here.[/url]


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How many of these have you done now Marty? They sound like a lot of fun.



New Member
Hmmm...Vegas and gambling why am I not surprised. So does the person with the worse prediction win a custom made pair of cement shoes? :-X


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OK, time to be level about that sort of thing. It is true that a CONSISTENT winner will be asked to leave a casino - and can expect quite a rough time if any cheating equipment is found on them.

HOWEVER, if NOBODY ever won at gambling, people would lose interest. The illusion of winning has to be maintained.

So a few wins once in a while wouldn't rock the boat. But people able to take the casinos to the cleaners would effectively end up owning the casinos - which means the people who come in after them would win the casinos again...

... being a bookie IS BEING A GAMBLER. It's not a them or us thing.

My last thoughts on the subject - discretion, a certain level of stealth, honesty and modesty are very much recommended when dealing with ANYONE.