Applied Precognition Project is seeking additional viewers

Several new groups have formed in the APP and we are seeking additional viewers for ARV, including for the CAS software (discussed recently in another thread).

If you are an experienced viewer, esp. an ARV viewer, and are interested, please send me a message here or email me or Alexis Poquiz if you have our email addresses. Sketches/drawings by the viewer are an essential part of most groups in the APP.

Please prepare a sample or two of your viewing, along with the feedback photo/photosite.

Usually only one session per week is done for a group, and ARV sessions are usually between 5-15 minutes.

Being a viewer in the APP means you get to see all the predictions made by all the APP groups. Some of these are sports groups and you can place bets based on any of the picks; others are Forex (Foreign Exchange).

Success rates have been averaging 60-65% - which is good - and CAS averages 80-90% which is truly exceptional.



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Marv writes:
What I get a bit sick of is seeing guys like you mouthing off about how they are running a 90% ARV success rate whilst hiding behind a wall of total BS.

He got a good point...


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Marv tough: He writes:

People here will only start taking you seriously if you demonstrate that skill in action, rather than just asking us to believe that you're telling the truth

Another good point...


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Don as skeptic as well...

He writes:
Posting some predictions BEFORE THEY, THAT would get it done. We would all be VERY,VERY impressed.

Since I've had only moderate success with ARV (and have never RVed sports teams for profit anyway), I would LOVE to see some predictions BEFORE THEY HAPPEN. I mean, let's face it; if it's not publicly posted BEFORE IT HAPPENS, it's not a prediction. Right?

Jon.. I think you will need to start posting here, in advance of the games and not just for the select small group at APP.
I wasn’t going to reply, or not soon anyway, but since Alex D. has - characteristically - chosen to try to belittle others (in this instance the APP), and in a thread where we seek more viewers - for those new to the field, here is a little background about Alex and about the Applied Precognition Project.

First point - the quotes Alex cites were directed against him, and no one else. And with good reason.

Alex did post some picks on TKR in recent months, but where are the stats for them? How successful were they in fact? Alex has never posted even those stats, to my knowledge. But he has made huge claims for years and has not ever published meaningful stats about the work he’s done. He just makes large claims here and there, as the quotes directed at his work and practice suggest. I know first-hand about some of those years and some of those inflated claims because a few years ago I paid a lot to be in the “small army” that Alex and Joe built – long since fallen apart due to failure of the methods. Then before that, Alex claimed here on TKR that he had a method that was 100% successful, only to return later to say, hey, ARV does not work at all. When people point out Greg K’s successful ARV work (peer reviewed and published) and other examples of success, Alex ignores or denigrates it.

APP is a Nevada-based LLC about 3 years old. It has a board of two people (retired physicist Marty Rosenblatt and Chris Georges). About 20 viewers and group managers take part in viewing (mainly) sports events and Forex. The group is pretty democratically run and the atmosphere has been very good. Detailed statistics are kept and have been published online – and more are coming in June. Viewers and group managers in APP get to see, and act on if they wish, all the predictions made within APP each week.

The policy of the APP board is that picks will be shared with those who take part in the work. This is a reasonable policy since a lot of time and effort have gone into building the APP and to be able to share in the monetary gains, it makes sense to ask people to take part as a viewer or group manager. It costs nothing and does not take a great deal of time – e.g. if one is a viewer in a single APP group.

Alex cites Marv, in another quote directed at Alex himself: “People here will only start taking you seriously if you demonstrate that skill in action, rather than just asking us to believe that you're telling the truth.”

People here and elsewhere do take APP seriously. APP has a solid reputation and top notch figures in the field like SRI researcher Ed May, “world’s best viewer” Joe McMoneagle, and pioneer Russell Targ have appeared at the Las Vegas APP Conference/Workshops, with another scheduled next month featuring, Joe and Marty with Webinars with Greg Kolodziejzyk, and leading psi reseachers James Spottiswoode and Dean Radin.
Out of curiosity, did anyone ever form a group where all proceeds go to charity?

Just wondering whether the cause of the viewing might help or hinder success. Hal Puthoff had an experiment where he helped raise 25k for a school.

The video was informative and found the analyses interesting. would be nice to see some actual session data contrasting the higher FoM and lower FoM sessions :p.


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For the record Alex - I have known Jon K for many years and have had the pleasure of working in several RV groups with him. If there's one person around here who is's Jon.

You, however, are beginning to try my patience. Yet again your snide remarks have caused an otherwise positive and well-intentioned thread to wobble and spin off-topic. I'm getting sick of it and I'm sure other regular posters are too.

I will be contacting my fellow administrators with a view to banning you from these boards.



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I know Jon as well. Reviewed his RV work for a year...

True discovery seems like it is always a solitary path..


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I am actually baffled, Alex, as to why you would take comments from other people made in response to you on other threads, and then post them here as if those people were talking to John. Maybe that made sense to you, but it didn't to me.

I'm also baffled about why you'd be dissing the APP project except, instead of doing it in any reasonable "I have an opinion about RV" and making any point, just using other people's comments about you to send as a generic insult about APP instead, and on someone else's thread.

TKR was designed to provide viewers of many backgrounds and perspectives a place to be together, because (particularly at the founding time) every other place was so heavily biased and moderated and deleted and harrassed and so on. We want viewers to have the right to have an opinion and sometimes that means it isn't a popular one, but the "all perspectives" and getting communication going within the field has its own value.

But there is a difference between having a fair opinion or point and making it, versus simply stalker-fan-trolling against some group or person. We aren't hosting a billboard for psychological or competitive problems in the field, that would be something different.

People don't have to agree (at all) and they often won't, because they're individuals, and the people most serious about RV tend to be the most opinionated and sometimes the most independent as personalities. But they do have to have some degree of positive intent at least for the medium/forum they're engaging in here. No amount of opinion about anything else is fair reason to do harm -- and the chronic insidious negative stuff is definitely harm in a forum -- to the project you're using for the communication.

If you have specific points about APP or others to make, then make them on your own thread specific to the topic, with actual points not just ad hoc insults and certainly not while making it look like replies to your own behavior somehow means those people were accusing APP of such things as well.

The other people in the forum are members also and they deserve fair treatment. Jon's a longtime member and APP is an interest of his, and for you to basically be dogging his threads like this is abusive.

I'd like to trust that you didn't really mean to attack John or mistreat the forum or the people you quoted, just because you have some issue with APP, but that is what you ended up doing.

In other areas or privately say what you will, but if you're going to be a member of this project it's fair to say you need to treat the project and the other members with at least adult civility, so on-topic/appropriate reasonable conversations can be had.

Reasonable conversations are the point of forums. If you mess up those enough with seemingly ill intent and piss off all the staff, I can't save you from their ban. In a perfect world you would either apologize and improve; or vanish for some time and if you return, be improved. If you continue the way it's apparently been for awhile now it won't end well. I'd be sorry if that happened.