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Article about attention improvement machine


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I'd like to give it a try. For now I listen to 10hz binaurals most of the day. For raising attention and learning ability nothing beats 40hz.

People need to consider the consequences of these enhancements, the more active the mind is the quicker you burn through chemicals needed for proper brain function.

Later in the article they mention using it to help with depression and other mental disorders. I have found that taking L-Theanine is safe for an overworked mind, it also prevents GAD and panic attacks.

I'm glad they're still working with this we've I first used audible bio-feedback over 40 years ago. Good to see more done with the visual aspect.

Thanks for the article,



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Thanks tBone, interesting article. Getting the readers to a part of the body not the head was pretty important.

I have a foc.us which I still haven't used. My body guide told me I needed to do it after several days "fully hydrated and replete with B vitamins" and strangely enough I never seem to get to that point, at least not before I forget and screw it up again. He suggested that if I used it without those elements in place it could do a bit of harm. So I'm still dirking around.

I've spent a lot of years reading on frequency stuff. Not long ago my body gave me some info on freqs for a health situation, and here's hoping they help. A guy I met helped me put together an interesting sort of 'frequency blanket' (a heating pad, but it just needs to touch the body) which, attached to a properly set up thing that is plugged into a signal generator program I have on my computer (FreX), can basically transmit, not just by sound (optional) but by wire, the freq/s of choice. We'll see how it goes when I get there.