Article on Sony's ESPER lab and the concept of legitimacy.


Hi guys.
I ran across this article on the ESPER lab that sony used to have a decade ago working on ESP and associated research. Yes the source is highly questionable. I post it purely out of interest however. Treat it as hypothetical if you prefer.

For some reason an idea has been niggling at me for years now. In the early years of the 2000's sony advertised (in europe) something called a psi-box. Based on the concept of their X-box and playstation consoles it was a device that trained ESP. I was terribly excited and couldnt wait to purchase one - but they pulled the product about four months before release. For the first year or so salespeople in the sony stores recognised the psi-box descriptor and seemed to think it might come out the next year but within a couple of years there were no mentions of it online anywhere and it, to all extents and purposes, vanished forever.

I'm curious - firstly - does anyone else remember this product being advertised? Secondly - why do you think that although various programmes and groups at least *seem* to have produced verifiable successes - such programmes are inevitably pulled and vanish into the shameful black sack of 'crackpotdom.' I mean in the case of the psi box - the thing was designed and finished and marketed. It was an actual physical console. Theres no way that a company like sony would drive a concept all the way through to moments before release if it did not work at all..

I suppose this topic is driven by the issue of legitimacy. When a person decides to commit themselves to improving in remote viewing they pretty much have to decide whether or not they want anyone else to know about it. If they DO tell others - they quite often will have to defend themselves against the implication that they are unbalanced, gullible - a nut, in plain text. This is because in the mainstream, the concept of psi and in fact psychical research of any kind is presented in the same way as..for example - vampires. or star trek. Good entertainment but entirely fictional. People who become too preoccupied with the topic are deserving of ridicule. The difference IS of course that there are not really many university departments with individuals engaged in legitimate scientific research into vampires (at least not in the lives forever, drinks blood, photosensitive, sitting in the lab and leering at you, kind of way) or star trek (although there may be liguists studying klingon or physicists/engineers hypothesizing about start trek technology), as there are across the world in parapsychology, specifically in ESP related areas. Yet the scientific community is several thousand times less tolerant than the mainstream when it comes to psi research. It seems that entertaining and investigating the notion might somehow, inexplicably, lower the veracity of all other scientific information in existence and should therefore not even be contemplated.

Has anyone had any experience in conducting research into parapsychology and been confronted with a hostile academic environment? What happened?


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I remember the program. Sony proved that psi existed and worked but couldn't find a way and application to monetise it.



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morgan said:
I'm curious - firstly - does anyone else remember this product being advertised?

Do I remember? A joke right?

Sun appliance was selling them. They were downhill ski racers, they were going to put together a whole bunch of games to play in the consoles. I was actually very good after about 10 minutes.

Now for the bad news, it was a complete oops in marketing. The consoles were being sold as PSI devices however they were not. Truly it was only a galvanic skin response monitor that allowed the player some modicum of maneuverability. You could have used them for lie detectors too. I think it freaked people out because it worked too much like one of those truth or confession machines one of the cults uses to make sure their followers have confessed everything.

There is a known health hazard for galvanic skin response biofeedback machines. Since the 1970's they've know it can cause heart enlargement, I don't know if that is a bad thing or just growing it to potential. I've used those types of biofeedback off and on since around 1972, I have a very big heart and a murmur I was born with but everything checks out just fine.

There would be far more PSI hot people on the planet if they brought back make believe in a constructive environment like I had. For me it was very easy to see how children would be so much better than adults at such things.

Wouldn't it be grand if all children could have these experiences?



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