Article on the hazards of psychic backlash


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Oh, yes! Nice article, should write one of my own sometime.

As for the Mothman please be careful. Like I mentioned a few months ago, just kill it, I don't even have to know what it is.

Twice now while in communication with one of my Teacher/Masters various parts of my computers have blown out either just before or just after talking with her on the phone. She said a day is coming when I will no longer be able to work with computers. Gulp!

I am very glad to hear people are putting their experiences to writing whether it be a self published book or a blog. Like crop circles, those who who understand them are destined to find them!



Wow, thanks for posting that interesting article.

I can only echo what the previous poster cautioned. I personally have experienced phenomenon like this in my explorations with various "entities" over the years, which seemed only to bring me nothing but bad luck. There were times that I put it all down to imagination, although finally I saw the light so to speak. I re-read John Keels Operation Trojan Horse after a gap of over 30 years and then it finally sank-in what was happening to me, and started to edge away from it all. I have much respect for Keels research, which explained much of what had been happening in my own life for over 25 years.

So I quit about two months back, no signs of any improvement in my luck, after almost consistent problems for years. Simply nothing would go right for me whatever, and I could not put it down to lack of trying, expertise, or simply negative thinking. There has been a real rat running around in my life somewhere in the background, very carefully hidden. Even the psychics didn't seem to be able to work-out what was going on.

I have also found that it does not matter if the entities are of the good or bad type. It really does seem like I must have been treading on ground that I was not supposed to be on.

I just hope that my CRV work is not implicated too.

Yes, in my opinion, keep away from this stuff it really can screw-up your life, regardless of the "rubbish" told to one by the "entities" themselves. All lies and disinformation, just as Keel lays it down.



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I've only seen good come from my psychic work. I think it depends on your mindset and beliefs going in. You can remote influence yourself to have bad luck and I suspect that is what was happening. If you come at any entity aggressively they will respond. This work done by the department of defence... military. It's aggressive for the most part. According to Lyn Buchanan the range of EBE's is limited. They're probably not aware of the contact attempts.

There is the possibility of remote influencing by outside forces. THere is also at this time no defense against it once it's been done. It's not something you can worry about. He could have done a hypnosis or CRI session for healing.

self inflicted psychic injury is a serious thing. You can kill yourself doing that.