ARV and PK at APP conference-workshop in Vegas, June 28 - 30


In addition to 5 wagerable ARV sporting predictions APP 2019 offers you:
"Bizarre Events while Remote Viewing" (Joe McMoneagle)
“How to use all of your senses to capture details for your RV session” (Lori Williams)
“Hands-on, small group telekinesis training” (Sean McNamara)
"Poltergeist: What's Going On" (Steve Braude)
“Fear of PSI” (Jeff Mishlove)
“Special for APP Presentation of Third Eye Spies, including clips not seen before” (Lance Mungia)
The interactive presentation "Accessing the Universe of Collective Consciousness" (Marla Frees)

Evening social events and the opportunity to make new friends who share your understanding of the expansiveness of consciousness and the universe.

For the month of March (sorry posting here late in month) when you sign up for APP's summer conference, you will receive Sean McNamara's Remote Viewing web course ABSOLUTELY FREE. This $99 package consists of 60 Videos, 50 PDFs, 8 Audios and more. Click this link to preview the course Sean is so generously offering. At the conference, you will benefit from hands-on small group instruction with Sean, who will be bringing his "PK containers" to help facilitate the process.

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