ARV Studio Lite free version


I released a free version of ARV Studio: ARV Studio Lite (3.1) which is free to use to create ARV trials/tasks. Automate everything you can for your ARV projects - from tasking to the feedback phase, easy and fast. Well.. almost everything.. as you still do the self-judging part or having an independent judge to do it for you.
Download link:

New free version (3.1) also adds new ARV protocol called "self-tasking, email to indep.judge" - easy, fast, organized and documented way to create binary ARV tasks/trials (self-tasking and blind to the targets) and then sending automated email to independent judge to analyse your session.
A video demonstration of the protocol:
The other most popular protocol used is 'self-judging' protocol. A video guide how to easily use this protocol is here:
Note that Lite version does not have all features and ARV protocols as full version.

Keep safe, stay well.
Best regards, Igor


I tried the Lite and liked it enough to buy the real version. I was worried with Self-Judging because it seems like I’m getting the feedback before the actual event. It is working because the targets appear different enough. I only had one session where my information matched both photos; the drawing matched one photo while the detail colors and objects matched the other photo.

If anyone else on TKR wants to start or join an ARV group, let me know.