ARV Studio Lite free version


I released a free version of ARV Studio: ARV Studio Lite (3.1) which is free to use to create ARV trials/tasks. Automate everything you can for your ARV projects - from tasking to the feedback phase, easy and fast. Well.. almost everything.. as you still do the self-judging part or having an independent judge to do it for you.
Download link:

New free version (3.1) also adds new ARV protocol called "self-tasking, email to indep.judge" - easy, fast, organized and documented way to create binary ARV tasks/trials (self-tasking and blind to the targets) and then sending automated email to independent judge to analyse your session.
A video demonstration of the protocol:
The other most popular protocol used is 'self-judging' protocol. A video guide how to easily use this protocol is here:
Note that Lite version does not have all features and ARV protocols as full version.

Keep safe, stay well.
Best regards, Igor