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ARV With sparkprofit.com


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I have been playing the sparkprofit game recently, and I think it could be good for ARV practice. You guess, real time, how currencies will do in the stock market. The question would almost have to be, "What color will my score be if I bet that stocks are up/down"? The color green is applied to a score towards your bet, and red if your bet is losing. You have to balance a wager on each side of the current point in the graph, so the application in ARV could have some hiccups. It is still fun and has pretty instant feedback, depending on your wager. Here is a referral link if you give it a try.



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I thought to attach a screenshot of how you can track your progress on sparkprofit. It is another reason this can be good for ARV practice. Here is the link again from me, if you want to give it a go. Good Luck!




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Sparkprofit Experiment

To do a good experiment with this game, having so many variables, what should be the control?
As I have not much experience with stocks or Sparkprofit, even, and am still approaching ARV; I want to experiment for the best reliability in data feedback.

So If you use ARV to figure where the market will be on a projected date, and the data says it will go up, naturally the wagers you make would support that (assuming accuracy). Would the results be the same if wagers were equal on each side of the current market value? Would tapering your wagers according to the ARV data remotely influence the actual market? If you get results, does that factor?

When you place your wagers, the point value jumps around so quickly that placing equal wagers on each side of the current currency value is difficult to do. It is easy to get the result you want if you gamble considerably more on the way you don't want the stocks to go. I'm still very new to this. Considering this, I figure, an ARV session would be best done on the weekend, after the market closes. Knowing where the market will start on Monday is relevant to the currency value that is in question.

So my best idea to test ARV accuracy would be two weekend sessions; one session being associative to betting one full point up and another session associative to one full point down from friday's closing figures. Both sessions would use the same two targets, a piggy bank for Correct, and a freight train for Incorrect. Thus, determining which bet should be placed.

There are many perspectives to direct a session towards in ARV, I could imagine. What questions are asked and what feelings are felt by the ARV targets could determine accuracy, I would think. How much does logic interfere when you bet after using ARV? For accuracy of feedback, should the session be specific to both wagers, or separate? Should wager amounts be specific, or general? These are my thoughts in first starting out, and I was wondering what I am not thinking about. What would be some other ways of testing ARV accuracy in Sparkprofit or the Stockmarket?

I tested some things intuitively September 28th and October 2, on Friday, is when I gained the points. I placed bets way away from the current value, and tapered it to how I wanted the results to be. It was interesting, and I want to learn more about ARV.


ARV Article

I haven't gotten together materials for the two target pools in time to do a session, but I have been studying more. I did place large wagers, pretty even on both sides of the currency value. I used intuition to place up/down, but placed almost outrageous amounts to span a longer time period. I hope to experiment with ARV on this in the next couple of weeks.

I found a lot of answers and cool articles here...


About 1/5 of the way down is an article that puts ARV experiments into a nice and neat package. It is "Day two" that explains ARV, with many good articles before and after. I am sure it will prove useful for me, and made sure to share it with anyone looking for a good reference.
I don't think I got the hang of it quite yet. I gained half of my wager on one bet and slightly negative on the next. I have played better with small wagers, since, but put it down to learn more about ARV methods and practice.
It is really cool to read about past successes and experiments. I hope to get back into it at a point.

Do you have any special techniques to ARV?

Thanks PJ,

I saw mention of APP in the thread - we have done quite a bit of Forex and Options viewing in the APP, as well as sports events.

I see someone with the same last name on our Discussion list - in case that is not you...If you'd like to be put on the APP Discussion list, please email me. Or if you'd like to join APP as a viewer in one of the groups, start your own group, or view solo in APP. We share predictions - you get your group's predictions if you are a viewer or manager in the group or you can get all the predictions by all APP groups with paid membership.

Could you say more about what your interesting looking book covers?

(APP Membership Coordinator)

P.S. gardjonknowles8@yahoo.com Delete the first four letters.
I have joined APP and did one session in the Direct Psi group. I have a lot to learn and experiment with. It is certainly very new to me. Thank you for your help.

The book I published describes small bits of a number theory, in symmetric star shapes. I am working on a project that will be published with a better quality format. So this book is my first step in sharing some of the numbers connected to my art. It is multi level in processes and aspects of how I number points to be connected in consecutive order. When I first started my project, in 2009, I had noticed patterns in my star structures, and numbered the points. Then I noticed patterns in those numbers, and made a system. Long after, I found number progressions within the labeled points and applied it in numerous ways. I appreciate your interest. :)

I finally got back to SparkProfit. It is not exactly real time, but it is fun to test precognition. I did not use ARV this time. I went for the two currencies that were to go up this week. Bitcoin came really close, and I overshot for Jap/USD. I gained points, however, for both. :D

If you would like to give it a try, here is my support link.