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Asociative RV and tarot cards

I was wondering that the tarot cards is like ARV because when I was learning to read the spaniard cards, i was searching the meaning of each card in diferent webs. each web has a diferent meaning and I was like WTF, then I found that each person assigned a different meaning, its like something personal, and today I found this web I realise it is ARV they asociate to each card a meaning and you have to memorize them, in that point it looks like ARV but in the tarot Reading when you put the cards is not that like ARV, but I saw a tarotist that has her own way to take the cards, she put them like a fan downward in the table and then she picked with her intuition(I guess) the cards.

I was thinking that I can add ARV protocol to modify the way I read spaniard cards.


Staff member
Perhaps you could. I'd like to see lots more work done incorporating traditional psi-based formats with remote viewing protocol, that'd be cool.

ARV is difficult enough with two options, though. 78 options for a tarot deck would probably be pushing the limit a tad. :D

Although I suppose a person can train to anything. Perhaps the five groups of cards could become gestalts. They do, as suits, have a certain assigned energy.

I'm a fan of the Thoth deck personally. I do archetype meditations with it now and then.
PJ said:
. Perhaps the five groups of cards could become gestalts. They do, as suits, have a certain assigned energy.
you mean if a certain combination of 5 cards is taken it could be a Gestalt, wouldnt it be a bit more dificult because the number of combination would be more than 75 :-\, but with practice who knows?, there are people that read tarot cards everytime they can and knows the meaning of each card like the palm of their hands. There most be a lot of concentration , and I think also is like dowsing with hands because the person has to select the correct card of the full deck, I guess if the coordinates are repeated mentally each time a card would be taken, the prediction would be more accurate.


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No. I mean the Aeon of the suit, e.g. "Disks" (or just use Ace) as one gestalt. Although that word isn't really appropriate for a concept but it can be used that way as we lack an equivalent word. I suppose in theory one could map a concept but I think one would have to be really, super fluent with tarot (like decades of work with it) for this to work decently.
I see, thats a good idea, and yes you need to be really familiar with tarot or another Oracle, I guess other oracles can be easier but if is too simple, the answers will be a bit limited.