Biohacks to strengthen RV


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Although I have always contended RV accuracy is "good enough", at least in relation to ARV, I am quite intrigued in artificial means to potentially boost ability. Before I proceed, I would ask that this discussion not evolve in to being about practice, practice, practice, or external factors that we have no control of such as LST, lunar phases, etc. We can be aware of them, but certainly not change them.

What can WE do to improve psi ability? Why has this not been more of a focus for researchers? I know there has been work in this area, but the available literature seems scant.

I am interested in things like the work Ingo Swann did with Persingar and Roll, in relation to artificially inducing 40-60 hz conditions, with certain frequencies that enhanced para-sensory perceptions by several magnitudes. Was this ever followed up on? Can anyone point me to the research? I can not seem to find much on it.

T-bone has posted a couple articles in the last year which reference TDCS, or Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation. This would seem to be an obvious place to research, in as much it is possible to essentially "over-clock" your brain, and inhibit left brain activity, while increasing right brain potential.

What about artificial magnetic fields?

There are of course numerous ethnogens with purported psi enhancing effects.

What are the preferred brainwave states for enhancing psi? I have read 8-10hz, but also many accounts of gamma (like in Ingo's experiment) being the preferred state. Are binural beats or isochronic tones at all effective in increasing accuracy?

I will certainly continue my research, but hoped that others will contribute with other models and research that have addressed this issue.

Thanks for your thoughts and contributions.



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I always do sun salutes on rising, and alternate nostril breathing before sessions. Other ideas for RV enhancement have come and gone over the years but these two seem too good to drop (generally prefer to drop all props and habits)

Weirdly (and/so there must be answers buried here) as an electrosensitive, artificial magnetic fields are normally extremely physically and mentally debilitating for me, but even if I'm trashed by RF they have absolutely no effect on my viewing. In fact, if I'm being frazzled, viewing is a blessed relief, an escape to the eternal moment.


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I like the idea of working with 40 hz, personally I've found that working with that specific frequency creates a roadblock for the transmission. Gamma is a super frequency area for manifesting, ultra gamma has its uses as well.

What has been found is there are many frequencies beneficial. Lyn Buchanan stated as a matter of fact the military people were trained in the Theta range.

Monks can meditate in the high Delta range, at the same time they've found carrier waves in the Lambda range. I like listening to Epsilon binaurals before bed.

Wouldn't it be great if pretty much everything worked? Well, pretty much every frequency is good for something.

The two tracks I use most for RV are RVHarmonic and BMV Series 8 - Remote Viewing - Remote Perception Training Aid. I've used many over the years but these are the only two I use consistently. The second one is going for $1.98 on Amazon.

There is so much more, diet, certain nutrients, other modalities like Kundalini. I do Kundalini exercises if I'm having a dry spell.

Different things are going to work for different people. Try what Loraine was saying. I think everyone would benefit from sun gazing. Think cheap go small until you've tried everything.

Hi Sharp,

I found a link to Persinger's publications - 17 pages' worth (in reverse chronological order).

If he did more work than the famous 2002 article on Ingo Swann, it should be there. (I started going through the pages - see below - He's done quite a bit of work on the two hemispheres. Looks like these are all downloadable pdfs.)

Several links to recent Persinger videos here:

Hypnosis: There are mixed opinions on this. I believe Stargate files indicate it was tried and was not helpful. A few viewers I know feel that self hypnosis and/or hypnosis can help.

Mugwort tea: Some claims this helps them view more accurately. I tried it only once myself, with no effect that I know of.

Theta, Gamma, high Alpha: Most viewers I've known over the years prefer theta cooldowns. I bought some expensive CD's and one program (Neuroprogrammer 3). Both are fine but you can get a variety of theta and other cooldowns free on youtube now so I generally use them. I don't like just isochronic tones, but I gather some do. I like some metamusic and gongs or bells mixed in are fine too. - These are all impressions; I haven't tracked data with them.

A friend did a couple of self hypnosis MP3's for me and I use them occasionally. There are also guided meditations which are similar on youtube.

I've read a fair number of books and articles on the brain, including brain waves, seeking to help understand RV and looking for things to try out -I don't recall coming across anything that stands out for boosting accuracy.

Please update us on what you find.


P.S. Going through Persinger pubs and found one on magnetic fields possibly lessening remote viewing (page 5 of 17)

The 2002 study, possibly updated (page 5 of 17): (page 5 of 17)

Evidence for Increased Congruence Between Dreams and Distant Target Material During Periods of Decreased Geomagnetic Activity (p 9 of 17)
(Could this mean if trying to get a precognitive dream, e.g. California Dreamin' lottery method, should do so on nights of decreased geomag activity?)

Geomagnetic factors in Subjective Telepathic, Precognitive, and Postmortem Experiences (page 13 of 17)

Geophysical Variables and Behavior (page 13 of 17)

Several on page 14 of 17, most having to do with geophysical activity and a couple more on pages 16 and 17.


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My deepest gratitude for the insight. :)

Your comments about rf NOT affecting your viewing, even though you are electrosensitive, are quite interesting.

Thanks for the link and personal experiences with different frequencies. I will say the limited work I have done in gamma seems very much blocked, just like you indicated. I believe you have done a lot of personal research in this area as well, and if not mistaken, you even had your own EEG?


Great link for the Persinger papers, and all in one place! Amazing! All the scouring I did, I never ran across this link, but did find quite a bit on different papers scattered about. Thank you very much for taking the time to find this, and the other links. It will keep me busy for a month of Sundays.

I will say from what I have researched in relation to the "octopus" and Ingo Swann, I am not entirely convinced that it had anything to do with his performance, yet the apparatus was credited with the success. It did, however, reportedly inhibit ability at certain set ups, and Ingo reportedly did not like it.

Persinger is an interesting fellow. His view on the earth's electromagnetic field essentially being the matrix, is interesting, yet a questionably simplified view. His work with the "God Helmet" and various ethnogens as fundamentally changing subjective reality are thought provoking if nothing else.

For only $649 you can use a windows based system to replicate the "God Helmet" and "octopus" from the comfort of your own home. Sheesh.

Whether a monolistic or dualistic view of the brain/mind is adopted, I can not help but feel there are clues in the brain's neurobiology and neurochemistry. Identifying these through EEGs and fMRI, whether the cause or effect, I think will hold greater clues. I think there is great potential in ERPs, or event related potentials, that the brain may register, but offer a clue if monitored, that a psi event has taken place. It makes me think the key is in decoding the signals to the autonomic nervous system, to be able to consciously be aware of them, is paramount. It makes things like dowsing seem a little more plausible to me.

There are many papers and references suggesting use of TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) as a modality to enhance psi, but none that I have found in relation to TDCS (transcranial direct current stimulation). As a future memory advocate, I can't help but feel there is progress to be made with TDCS, which among other things, has been proven to enhance learning and memory. The awesome thing is(???), anyone with a little electrical experience, about $30, and the guts (or stupidity) to put 1-2ma of current through their brain, can have access to this beneficial and exciting technology. TDCS is not new, but has had a resurgence of interest recently. Not that I recommend it, but there are groups scattered around the internet with schematics, research, and personal experience,of everyday people using TDCS outside the laboratory.

Finally, I offer a pretty good book I found that puts research on a lot of my line of inquiry in one place. It is a bit pricy as far as a book goes(to me anyway), but I was lucky enough to find it in my local library. The e-book is $36, with a hard copy in the $43 range.

Mysterious Minds:
The Neurobiology of Psychics, Mediums, and Other Extraordinary People

The research is quite interesting, and my journey has just begun. Not that I am smart enough to figure any of this out, but maybe, just maybe, I will stumble across something that proves beneficial. ;)



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Yes my own EEG for Alpha and Theta work.

I have a job where I can listen to binaurals all day long. I've worked with quite a few for remote viewing and meditation etc.

Getting proper rest is important to RV as well as the rest of your life. My two favorites for Sleep are Jeffrey Thompson's Delta Sleep System 2 and Epsilon. Either one could be my favorite I work with one until the magic wears off and then go with the other, really puts me in the zone.

Have fun with this don't go broke buying everything you can think of, not as much of it works as you might think.

Always, always give yourself permission to succeed and you'll do much better at anything you attempt.



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I came across something called Zeo. It is marketed as a sleep monitor that will show you what range your brainwaves are in. It is kind of pricy at something like $250. Some other problems with it are that the company that makes them is said to be going out of business and it seems that much of the results are filtered through the company's website. So I don't know if it would work as a standalone if the company shuts down. Their site is still up as of now.


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This looks like a much better alternative to the Zeo unless you want to do sleep monitoring:


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Cool, thanks. What I liked about the Zeo was that it uses 1 headband. I just don't know how accurate it would be and I read somewhere it does a reading every once 5 minutes which really isn't a useful frequency for brain wave training.


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I'll pay cash for one of these though. I've had two of them since they came out and I'd like another one. The sale is over on this one but it is the exact make and model I have used.