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A funny antidote to this where you might test yourself in the reverse to see how much you actually use your own blind sight. Decades ago I was known to come home in the wee hours of the morning, navigate through the house to my room. Did it for years with no problem until one day for cleaning my mother had moved the kitchen table part way across the room from where it usually was for cleaning the floor. I opened the door walked in and froze, I knew there was nothing waiting for me I simply could not enter the room. I made four attempts, on the fifth I backed out the door walked back in and felt along the wall until I entered the hall and the powder room, then turned on the light. I then walked back into the kitchen to see what the problem was, I burst out laughing when I realized the only difference was the table was moved several feet from where it usually was. It was the absence of the table in its usual position that alarmed me.

I can definitely see where they are coming from with this study. Another good read, thanks!



Very interesting read. It is true that most people, most of the time (at least in my experience) act like zombies, without thinking or considering the reasoning behind what they say or do. Very much like animals that act on instinct. They later are surprised because they seem to be victims to their circumstances when in reality all they had to do was be a little more aware of themselves, their thoughts and their desires.

The protagonist of the article has no choice but to rely on "blindsight", but a lot of people go around with their conscious eyes closed, actually. The dumbest kind of psi functioning is the one unaware of itself.