Business applications


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I'm a small business owner

It dawned on me that I could use RV for business applications

How would that work ? since so many business matters are abstract, it's not like looking at the Eiffel tower...


Just out of curiosity, what kinds of matters would you deal with? And how many possible outcomes could there be e.g. 2 (yes/no, up/down, profit/loss), 3 (buy/hold/sell), more?

Do you have a tasker and viewers you can use so you could keep the viewings double-blind: after you select a target you assign it to them somehow without telling them what the target is?


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well for example these are questions I might ask
- should I invest in product idea X? yes/yes with some changes/no
- should I continue focusing on this product niche or should I diversify to one or two other niches? and then I'd follow up with asking which niches
- currently my business is online, should I open a retail store, and where?

is it possible to ask complex questions like "describe my business's optimal state 1 year from now" or "describe the top 5 activities I should be focusing on to get the optimal return on my time/money"

or does it have to be simple yes/no/maybe queries?

I don't have a team of viewers (yet)

maybe what I need is a pool of competent freelance viewers that I can task at will / pay by the session
Yes, you can have more than yes/no questions answered. Different services will likely have different ways to frame your questions as they task their viewers (who remain blind to the objective).

One way to go would be to use an existing remote viewing service. There is a list of some RV services on my 120+ page under Businesses.

Any of the first three listed would be a good bet. Gail Husick is relatively new but already has a very good reputation as a provider of RV services. (There are actually very few who have that reputation and known track record.) Daz Smith and Angela T. Smith are two others who have established track records and very good reputations. (Not positive but think the way Daz works you want to tell him as little as possible in any email to him about a project - since he may end up being the viewer.)

You could assemble a team of freelance viewers but that is not as easy as it sounds. You want high quality viewers. You need to know their work and how to task the viewers and interpret their work. It can be done but you would almost certainly get quicker and better results with an established RV service for queries like those you suggest.