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Calling all dowsers!

Okay, this is just for fun (which I think might be nice right about now ;D
I will preface this by saying I have absolutely no clue about dowsing - it'd probably be safer for me to stick to my magic 8-ball. However, I do know that some of you have had some good results. If however, this is an inappropriate use of this forum, just let me know and I'll remove this post.

Anyway, here it is, my silly little problem:
I am currently deciding whether or not to spend about $2000-2500 (Canadian, so that's about a buck twenty-five to you) on putting central air in my home.
I've weighed the pros (finally being able to sleep, adding to the resale value of the house, etc) to the cons (cost, environmental impact, heatwave could end next week) and came out about even.
I do have the money, but I'm not loaded and I could be using it on equally important home improvement projects.

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it: Will this heatwave continue for the summer? Will it be a good decision to do this now (rather than wait until next Spring), should I do this at all - whatever way you want to approach the question.

To level the playing field: We've had a very dry spring and summer, unseasonably so, the first heatwave was in June and lasted two weeks (no rain, 90+ temps - don't forget this is CANADA!) and this one is now in its fourth week, with some days hitting over 100 on the humidex. Haven't had a good night's sleep in weeks.
The various weathermen can't seem to agree if this will continue.

So, please get out your pendulums, your tarot cards, your bellybutton lint, and help me out. (this could be fun, seeing how PJ's Predict This! feature isn't ready yet).

Post your results here, or PM me, if you prefer.



Staff member
When you post your results, post the specific question for each. Quiss maybe you should provide very specific taskings. Such as:

On _____ date, will the temperature be at or above ____ degrees farenheit/celsius?

No matter what her actions, based solely on the weather will Quiss think that central air is a needed home feature in July of 2006?

Good point! (not yours, Joe, but you're cute anyway)
My question wasn't very precise. However, next July (2006) doesn't figure in this, because the decision I'm making is to rush into putting in air now, while it's stinking hot, or to put it off till May or so (knowing me, I won't remember the misery of this season and won't do it in the Spring either, and start whining about the weather next July and the whole vicious circle will begin again.)

I guess the question should be: Will the temperatures in Quiss' town remain uncomfortably, miserably hot until the end of the summer (mid september for us), making the immediate purchase of air conditioning a sensible investment?


I think you don't need RV or dowsing in this case, use your logic :).

1) Is the general temperature in where you live getting hotting every summer and hot period last longer?

2) And can yourself bear the temperature? You have to also consider the running cost after the installation (especially the electric bill if you use it daily).


.... don't be ambiguious with your intent ~
I guess the question should be: Will the temperatures in Quiss' town remain uncomfortably, miserably hot until the end of the summer (mid september for us), making the immediate purchase of air conditioning a sensible investment?


This seems to me to be a compounded question. If I were to use a pendulum for this, here is how I would break this down ~

Question 1 (which would be an 'if' question)
1. Will the heat temperatures remain uncomfortable for Quiss until the end of summer 2005? - this will result in a yes or no

Question 2 (which would be a 'then' question based on #1)
2. (If yes) Is it financially sensible for Quiss to purchase air conditioning in July (or Aug)(use just one choice) of 2005?

Someone else jump and make whatever corrections/suggestions needed if this needs even more defined phrasing.


Does it include central heat and would that be needed in the winter? I'd say go for it. But I live in Texas. If it upgrades the value of the house and summers are getting hotter--like someone mentioned, just realize the monthly cost for electricity. I don't know how to dowse but I can read tarot...I'll ask lol. I've never asked for someone over the net so I guess "I'd" be the one asking and receiving the answer so does that count as the right answer or just my answer ???.

No idea, Brayden, but I guess you wouldn't be consulting your Tarot about me, but rather about the weather patterns over Central Ontario :)

Boy, this simple question turned out much more problematic than I imagined. :eek: And it was just asked in fun - it's not like I'm looking for dead bodies or something.

How on earth would we get sorted though the Predict This! feature if even a simple question like "will the heat wave continue through the rest of the summer?" causes such hoopla?
I do suppose that sports scores and the Dow Jones are more straight-forward but... YAWN!!! Let's have a little fun, peeps! :D



.... don't be ambiguious with your intent ~
Boy, this simple question turned out much more problematic than I imagined. :eek: And it was just asked in fun -

YAWN!!! Let's have a little fun, peeps! :D

HENCE ;) the ole saying "be careful what you ask for'

You asked a simple question, yes, but guess what? ? ? you also asked of people who understand proper ways of going about getting results.

I figure the questions are because of 'intent'...wanting to do a bang up job for you...giving you possible feedback that may actually be of value to you.

Now if it's only fun you want to be having, then I say, close down the Canadian house and move to Hawaii.....much better climate there, fun on the beaches and loads of cabana boys.

Go for it!! Sounds fun to me. ;D
Well, okay, then. Let's NOT do things for fun. We'll go back to name-calling and picking on Tania. No protocol required.

Cranky Quiss


.... don't be ambiguious with your intent ~
Geeeeez....... must be the heat.

Get the central air, relax, feel good, enjoy it.

added: it's been miserable here too....relief maybe by the weekend...coming FROM Canada 'they' say !
Maybe you could add the questions:

Should Quiss move to a warmer climate where every house has A/C? Y/N


Should Quiss move to a cooler climate where she would be happier with snow year 'round? Y/N
I'm assuming by all this that nobody actually does any dowsing.

Never mind, they're coming next Thursday to install the &#$ thing ;D
Hey Joe,
No, didn't think you were joking.
In a perfect world, all AC would run on solar power (since, presumably a great deal of heat is generated on sunny days).
However, the complete absence of solar-powered air conditioners in this town would lead me to believe that it is technogically or financially not an option for the average home owner.

Oops, dear me, you did say "Yes, put it in" ! Kinda missed that in the process of changing the nature of the question. Guess I'm just so used to your wiseacre comments that I didn't read it carefully enough.

Well, it's currently 85% degrees in this room (it's a cool day) and I think the heat wave is here to stay (let's just hope it'll last till February, then)