Can anyone introduce me to Dowsing?


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I've heard it being mentioned several time, as a tool used in conjunction with RV to located things on a map.

Joe mentions it in his books. He says RV can describe a target, but unless there is a feature that is very unique, it is impossible to pinpoint, unless someone uses Dowsing.

Can anyone tell me what this is, and how I might learn more about it and how to do it?




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Here's a site..a place to start.
There's a How to ..for maps as well.

Hope it gives insight for what your looking to study.
Dowsing can be done many ways, with just as many reasons. *smile*


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Ok, wow. Now, this Dowsing thing is streching my open-mindedness to its limits!

So, you are telling me, I can move a pendulum back and forth, and depending on whether is moeves clockwise or counter-cockwise, I can find pretty much any answer as a YES or NO?

They suggest you try with your name, so this implies it could be used for just about anything?

For example, am I going to be a pilot 20 years from now? Can it tell the future?

Or does it have limitations, only to like finding objects etc.



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Glad your mind is...stretching Greywolf. *grin* :D

The pendulum moves yes...but it is not you that moves it.
*depending on belief* It is energy moving it.
As far as How it moves...there are the basics, but I tend to believe each crystal *if that's what your using* is unique and you must learn to work with It.
Different crystals for different uses, that sort of thing.
Or just a quartz is more all purpose.

As far as telling the future...I tend to see dowsing more as a way to add info to what your seeking.
I believe the answers come from within, not from a tool.
It's also within my belief that the pendulum should be cleasned so no outside negative influences are present.
Of course these are just my beliefs, others may not agree. ;)

I am a Keeper of Stones *not self-proclaimed*, when I pick up a stone at a store, I can feel the energy residue from the last person who handled it. *hence the cleansing*