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Can someone RI me to help me with something?

I'm wondering if anyone experienced with RI would b willing to give it a try on me. Im not experienced enough yet to try it on myself because im still pretty terrible at RV. How do I go about setting up the intention? Should I just say what I would like influenced or just give a coordinate? Also, I'm not sure how to word the intention or if its even doable for what I want.
Any help would be cool. Thanks
We are all learning - our goal. It is fine being new. Just relax, hard to do, and just write what you see. I use to look at a blank spot on my living room wall. I always felt insecure, and not patient. It does take patience.
We are not great at it yet, not ready I was told in person, but it is good we are trying. A quote. We are not the babies, but not grown up yet about RV. We have a lot to learn which is great. We have some great teachers.