Can Superpowers Be Trained?  IS New!



There's a new section up on the biomindsuperpowers for Ingo Swann for those that like to read the site. For newer folks, just scroll down to click it.

Just thought I'd post in case anyone is interested in reading it--:).



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Hey, thanks Talulah! I haven't been over to that site in a while. Will definately check it. :)


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Re: Can Superpowers Be Trained?  IS New!

Anyone read it? I`ve skimmed it in fair detail. Makes some interesting points about the nature of necessary personal experience for the establishment of an `empirical` basis upon which any new phenomenon can be scientifically accepted/studied.

Also made me wonder what comes first...experience or awakening? How can you experience something that hasn`t been awakened in you? But then how can something become awakened in you if you haven`t experienced it?

Ah, chicken and egg semantics....takes me back to the endless early hours discussions of my university days and the rich smell of top class skunk. (My housemate had one as a pet :D)



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Dude, you make me laugh!

I think awakening comes first - although its not really an awakening - psi is always a part of who we are so it doesnt really awaken.

Its like - that one day we decide to become aware of it - a little like sexuality. One day girls are for hair pulling and wrestling with - the next girls are for pulling and wrestling with - a subtle but life changing difference ;)




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Re: Can Superpowers Be Trained?  IS New!

I didn't know where to put this thread..(if you need to move or delete this feel free) I didn't want to mess up the flow of conversations..

I ordered the Remote viewing lessons now on DVD at Nexflix and I did my Official first time session..

I did good. Half way through the first step I cue myself by asking why.

My list was this.
Structure, Blue,round,green,flowers (cue why) cause I want them..(lol)
Arrows.. My picture were arrows pointing up many arrows..
Turn out to be a picture of a mountainous top I didn't get the two people at all
And I didn't have a second intuitive sight like I do sometimes

I was surprised at two readings on a second paper
It was a building something you'd see in Mexico sandstone like
But spiritually I saw cowboys and lots of way to check that out

The reason writing this to you was during the process of Sensory awareness we were on a guide tour of relaxation and the speaker keep saying to image yourself filled with space..I felt a lot of pain..and had to switch the wording to light..

I thought at first it was because of my metal noise trying to break in and be analytical..and most likely it was but I felt pain everywhere..until I spiritually called the speaker who was the dvd as he was talking he gave me many clues that we were connected that gave me some relief..