can you view targets that you devised yourself?


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Hi all

35 year old male in canada here

I've been doing some RV sessions using a slightly modified CRV approach. I get practice targets from Target Monkey. Sometimes I am way off target, sometimes I'm bang on and I amaze myself.

Now I'm itching to view some 'real' targets of subjects that are relevant to my own life. but I already know the target so how can I view them without being front loaded?

I could use Excel to randomize the list and generate reference numbers. Will that do the trick? Do I need some minimum number of targets like 50 to make my conscious mind give up on trying to guess?

My other idea was to trade targets with a friend -- he views my targets, I view his. Trouble is I've only got one friend into psi stuff and he's busy with other things. Do folks do target exchanges on the forum here?

ideas appreciated


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You can create your own target pool. I'm working on my own, and I'm shooting for 1,000 targets. What I do is I write a list of every type of possible target (vehicle, mountain, military technology, waterfall, etc.). I have a list of about 100 categories. Next I go on google images and do a search for the exact target type, and pick the first interesting photo I see. I try not to pay much attention, to avoid noise during the session. After I select a photo, I save it to a folder on my computer called "targets", using a random 6 digit number typed quickly, that I will forget quickly after. Then I just write that number on a 3x5 index card and shuffle it into a deck that I'll pull from later.

To do the session, I first get the data, doing the drawings, and THEN I pull a card from the deck- so it's a precognitive session (nothing like a little deterministic cognitive dissonance to start your day). After I pull the card, search the 6 digit number in my finder (on Mac) and get feedback.

I have my own esoteric targets I throw in once in a while, but I never know when to expect them.

Most important thing, to me, is to not pay too much attention to the targets during the selection process- almost go into a haze, so you'll forget them soon.

It's also good to find other people who you can trade targets with, so you can talk about the process afterward.


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Make a target pool with enough targets that you won't start guessing. You can add in some random targets, like "National Geographic picture of the day" or "front page of the New York Times tomorrow morning" or "happiest person walking down the street in Los Angelos at the present time" and so on. You can make your Excel random numbers weighted or do a bit of computer programming so that you flip a coin and you do either a random target or a target from your pool. You can weight it so the targets you picked only come up infrequently. For example 40% of the time your Excel program would give you the NatGeo target, 40% the NY Times taeget, and 20% a target from your pool. As your pool grows you can change the percentages.
Yes you can.


a) create such a large pool of taskings (ie. 150 or something to taht effect) so that even if they were all created by you, it wont matter. the pool would have to have a wide variety of targets to work imho.

b) learn to view with a lot of pollution. then, create a smaller pool of targets that are reelvant to you and view them blind. this is in my view the preferable strategy. you gotta be able to tolerate frontloading and still manage to get new information about the target.