Changing something in the past and will it affect the future or not?


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What do you think about changing something in the past and it'll affect the future?
Some people told me there's a theory which is about if we can change something in the past, it won't affaect the future but it'll create another world or new timeline.
Some people told me if we change something in the past it'll affect everything in the future and that timeline will be broken.
What do you think about this?
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With RV you "change" the past with every session - but your future actions are already included into your past experiences. I've observed it several times. From my experience there are no "timelines". Only one objective reality. But I'm not so sure about the concept of multiple universes - not talking about existing ones but the metapher (the concept) to understand the phenomenon of time.


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Multiple time lines multiple universes individualized by the frequency of the beholder. How often have you heard someone say you need to raise your frequency, what sense would it make if you stayed in the same timeline or even same universe of the frequency or density?

You change your frequency you change your timeline (past, present and future).