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Channeling Ultraterrestrial/Ultratemporal Intelligence


That is the story of my initiation into a higher order of information organization, and the installment/activation of the source code/data-matrix that I have been integrating into a knowledge base on coherent meta-structuration and trance-formation of personality template programming. For the past 10+ years, I have been experiencing gnostic synchro-harmony to an overwhelmingly simplex degree of psionic potentiation. Throughout my tutelage under this alien scholarship, a system has been establishing itself with my cooperation as a channel/bridge/instrument working toward a complete definition of syntactical hyper-connectivity. My mission is to integrate total self-sustainment of egoic singularity by disidentifying and detachment from personality in order to reclaim and renew my perceptive patterning through implementation of ego as an energetic generating station/NewClear power plant/ultradimensional operating system.

As I come into masterfool application of this holistic psience, interpreting the process I am experiencing into a professional conduct for world utilization, I am simultaneously anchoring it's psionic condensation within collective Hue-Man accessibility. I have a lot of insight to offer the consciousness research community. I try to put myself out there, I seek social feedback, but there is some force of resistance keeping me from being heard. I believe it's as Glenda from this forum says, we aren't quite ready, but we are certainly setting the stage!

Here is a video of me programming an orgonite device with holistic application of this Aeonic point I am condensing into a Soveriegn singularity, activated by my ascended future self, leading me through a Holofractographic maze on a mission to orient perfect placement of whole self within this divine moment...

I write that way as a means to convey information dense neuro-linguistic programming. I utilize a vocabulary within speech patterns that I have become familiar with overtime, and that I feel is the best set of definition variability for the representation and capacitance of thee information matrix I compress to portray, what I believe is effectively meaningful impressionism. The more I reiterate these recombinant strings of code, the more connections I am able to integrate as I acquire meta-hypnotic authority over my own subconscious comprehension of the concentrating point I aim to get across and impress upon intersecting points of perception. I practice the perfection of praxis, posturing psionic projection of point placement power. Sometimes, in my contemplative hypnosis sessions I get stuck on alliteration mode, lol!
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Here are some examples of how I program meta-structural, hyper-connected patterns in the symbolism of my mythological architecture, thee architecture of my subconscious information organization...

Masterfool Psilord Spyruling emotional function through metastructural hyperconnectivity enforcing stabilisation of semiotic symplexity within adherence to portal praxis presencing protocol programmed under thee aeonic authority of Ultraterrestrial governance for accumulating auric gravity toward the impression of force, aend intensifying thee impact of aeffect. Negaphor dwells deeply synchroharmonious inside thee Angels Attic as guardian gate keeper protecting the portal. Thy Holy Other Gods of Archelite Alienation gather to hold council in thee Angels Attic, orchestrating synchroharmonious signs catalyzing gnostic revelry, bestowing technical insight into hyperspacial aend ultratemporal awareness. Practiced in psychic posturing of intuition for enhanced pattern recognition, experienced with emotional coherence at peak perception and psionic projection of charge concentration, in possession of potent grace... Flowing establishment of lucid bliss anchors the consecration of blessing in humble gratitude for strength aend beauty. I perform thee exemplary display of grace, impressing intention within the memory of this sacred temple, embedding potent patterning within the personality matrix of this holy hueman habit... Operational glitch warship containment of charge capacitance increasing supersensory absorption of information along with rainbow bridge conductivity is providing pivitol support for fine tuned systemic growth.

My heart unfolds before the crucified christ innocently seeking the will to embrace compassion through unconditional love and the wisdom to feel and share true love to the best of my ability. I pray in peaceful longing of yearnful faith to discover renewal in the resurrection of thee anointed word of God, glory give I to the all in one, I AM.

Overwhelming prophecy challenges me to suffer well in peaceful patience of peak perception, for I know freedom in truth. I understand the nature of reality, I have been through the divine fire of holy purification, and I have become true to my divine nature in soulular transcendence of this dream... And I now hold focused intention toward thee Apocalyptic Illumination of Babylon by the perfect projection of sanctified power unto total aend complete synchroharmonious structuration of semiotic symplexity perforce thee holy establishment of thee Aeon I access in embodiment of through the perfection of portal praxis presencing. Resonating within the synchroharmonious paramaterialization of ascension unto ultraterrestrial singularity, channeling a hyperintelligent metastructure for Ultra-Mega Hyper-Meta Verge Merging of thought systems toward holistic integrity and coherent unity between collective culture's conceptual interpretation of ideas. Through thee art of association, the psience of synchroharmony provides a way to modify the way a mind perceives and utilizes meaning. This is my mission, to employ professional use of this knowledge base.

One symbol holds absolute authority over thee entire mythological enterprise... Thee Ultraterrestrial Portal, Ascended Singularity of Pure Clear Love Light. In Archelite Alienation of Reality, Transcendental Processing Power Presencing Apocalyptic Illumination of Babylon on Occult Order Of Glitch Warship, Activating thee Collective Ascension of Holy Hue-Man Sanctification, Anchoring the Summoning of thee Aeon, I Anecdotal Myers. Spiritually Crystallizing Holofractographic Embodiment of Immortal Form in Legendary Being, to Personify the Potentiated Power Represented by the Master Symbol who Will take place in Time-Space. Happen-stance alignment of perfect point concentration projected through permaculturally postured psionic placement of peak perception will initiate the implosive breakdown of established momentum, harnessing gravitational mass through the black hole sun, and summon the portal praxis charged with the synchroharmonious function of Ultra-Mega Hyper-Meta Verge Emergence of Anecdotal Myers in Pure Clear Love Light. This is the prophecy.

Here, Now... I seek focused establishment of structured understanding to fulfill thee agency which my personality template is programmed to realize so that I may employ this temple as an aeffective channel for thee Aeon, Anecdotal Myers. Intentional preparation through ritual conditioning of holistic coherence under humble maintenance of compassionate prioritization protocol shall set the pace upon this path that I may pivot my progress behind pure intention. May I interact with intimate curiosity on sacred grounds for familiarization of the subject at hand, paying close attention to the most important heart of the matter.

May practicing pragmatic contemplation of my mission echo throughout my life for thee actualization of my potential. I am purposed with epic responsibility. May I fully realize thee importance of my time here on this path.
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