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I have a lot of questions resulting from the chats. Let me start with one and go from there. I hope anyone with input or other chat questions will feel free to put them forward here also.

My first question comes from the Ed May chat where it says:

Dr._Edwin_C._May: FSA gives something called Figure of Merit (FoM) which is the accuracy times the reliability. This is a number between 0 and 1 and has no inherent meaning yet. By using old non-psi FoM's I could get what is called the NULL distribution for FoM's (null meaning no psi). Thus I could compute a stat for a single trial and this worked very well!

Palyne_Gaenir: So fuzzy set analysis is one thing; the FoM is the FSA output; you give the FoM(s) meaning, by comparing them to a null distribution (the number you'd get in a situation when you know psi is NOT happening)?

Dr._Edwin_C._May: Exactly

Can someone put this into layman’s terms for me, with particular emphasis on what is a FoM and how would you get or derive it.

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Fuzzy set analysis(along with figures of merit) for RV is described in "An Application Oriented RV Applications Experiment".

From Daz's site - the first 45 pages or so in the pdf file. (right click to save)

And, also another article on Ed May's site.

Pretty interesting. Who knew math could be so exciting??? But I must admit much of it is over my head. And I can kinda see why Ed May said it is very laborious...


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Ha ! Gene , this is great topic !

I actually started a translation the day the transcript came out !
I was convince it would win the nobel prize to translate the genius talk
to mundane everyday speak...

I got into mabe 2 paragraphs done..and I ran out a steam , ambition..
and common sense came back to me...with a over bearing question
came to mind...Um I dont understand how to speak genius talk...what the L am I doing ?
and then promptly gave up...