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China heptafluoropropane fire suppression factory

Our History
Guangzhou Ding Ya Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Professional FM200 HFC-227ea Gas Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer,which registered and approved by Chinese Government,located in beautiful Guangzhou.We insist that “Excellent Quality,Perfect Service and Practical Price”and meet customers requirements,we gained continuous praise and recognise from customers and Society.We have CCC,CE and ISO Certificate.
Our Factory
Guangzhou Ding Ya Fire Equipment Co., Ltd.Is a professional FM200 HFC-227ea Gas Fire Extinguishers Manufacturer in Guangzhou,near airport about 6K.M.We are complicated enterprise with research,production,sales,design,equip and maintainance together.We have CCC,CE and ISO Certificate with more than 10 years rich experience in Fire Extinguisher,We supply 100% qualified products and Best Servic,make it reliable and 100% safe.
Our Product
FM200 Tube Fire Extinguisher,HFC-227ea Fire Extinguishers Equipment,Non-Tube FM200 Fire Extinguisher Device,Fire Extinguisher Cabinet,Hanging Fire Extinguishers,Aerosol Fire Extinguishers,Tube Detector Fire ExtinguisherDevice and other Gas related Products.
Product Application
1.Computer Room,Telecommunication Room,SPC Switching Room
2.Laboratory Room,Precision Instrument Room,Painting Workshop,Chemical Warehouse
3.Oil Storage,Clean Factory House,Electric Workshopand other Luxury Equipment room
4.Archives,Library,Museum,Receipt Room,Imformation Room,Culture Hall,Bank Warehouse
5.Generator room,Generator Plant,Switching House,Power Roomand other important Place
6.Transformer Station,Transformer room and other electric room
7.TV Broadcasting Center,Financial Institute,Government,Airport,Building,Port,Auto garage and other important place
Our Certificate
Test Report,China Compulsory Certificate(CCC Certificate),CE Certificate and ISO9001:2015 Certificate
Production Equipment
Lathe,Radial drilling machine,Set of silk machine,cutting machine,Welder,Hand-Pressure Forklift,Dryer,Drilling Machine,Electronic scale,Fire cylinder valve loader-umloader,FM200 Filling Machine,Strength and air tightness test table,Moisture Tester,Gas Chromatograph X Fluorescence Spectrometer,Portable Dew Point,Carbon Sulfur Analyzer,Ultrasonic thickness meter,Paperless recording instrument,Pressure Transmitter,Pressure Gauge
Production Market
Asia,Africa,Europe,Middle-East,North America,Australia,New Zealand etc.We have got more than 8000pcs project or orders from the world.
Our service
Professional Designers and make budget,help customers handle technology problems,assist to manage the machine and maintainance,Also:We can make a professional training how to operate it.
China heptafluoropropane fire suppression factory