Confusion about Stage 1/Ideograms


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Hello jolly people!

I am new here, but not to the topic of RV.

I've been reading David Morehouse's "Remote Viewing The Complete User's Manual for Coordinate Remote Viewing" and I have some key points I could use clarifications with.

On his book DM approaches the whole Stage 1 topic differently. A few instances below:

- Coordinates should always end with digit "1" as its easier to start drawing the ideograms on it over any other digit (which makes sense)
- One must not lift their pen after writing the final digit but should seamlessly produce the ideogram
- The book provides little information about ideogram symbols as the way it approaches the matter is via 3 components: A, B and C in which you just probe the produced ideogram for the same information you can get from symbols.

I noticed on Daz's Open source CRV (guide) that ideograms come to him in symbol form like this:

On DM's book I am reading a typical example of an ideogram would look something like this:
DMs Ideograms.jpg

As you can see DM advises us to decode an ideogram based on how it feels, and not how it looks. To me that makes a lot of sense since RV is about the internal connection you have with the signal line and thus this should avoid the whole ideogram drilling exercise conundrum.

What do you guys think about the two approaches? Is there a place where the two overlap? Is there anyone using DM's method? I am confused on whether I should proceed into learning the "symbols" drilling method (which could offer other advantages as there are many uses for symbol ideograms once you have them drilled down to your subconscious) or go with DMs method which is more friendly for novice RVs imo.

Can I have some feedback on the above please?

Thank you in advance
Both approaches are valid. Go with whatever feels appropriate to you. I have never managed to "program" any of the ideograms, although there is stability its just that i couldnt ever to get them stick. So trust yourself