Consciousness Calibration Research Technique

Began study of Dr. David R. Hawkins work heavily back in 2008. Pendulum dowsed before learning about the applied kinesiologic muscle test. So, dowsing since 2005.

From CCRT Blog, written by an old classmate on a forum that is no longer online. He's written a pretty decent summary of content from Dr. Hawkins' materials and other sources on the basics of the two person and O-ring method. I personally prefer a method not covered which only requires the use of one hand, testing friction when pressing one finger against another.

Also, a summery list of data published in Dr. Hawkins' books, whose data charts are copyrighted. So, this is a great asset for discussion without copyright infringement.

Calibration of things is good practice for holding numbers in mind, for other applications like lottery precog.

Here is a video were different dowsing and muscle testing methods are shown.

Enjoy! 8)

Also, the link to the publisher's website were you can locate a local study group, or start one for your area.

Amazon has better prices, and I prefer listening to the books on Kindle fire with the read out loud feature. The emails sent to the vertiaspub mailing list have links to streaming video lectures for rent or sale.