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Hi all, I'm beginning my journey to begin the art of remote viewing but as a beginner I'm a bit overwhelmed with what path to choose.. I originally was watching Dr. Courtney Brown's videos on SRV when I came across Daz Smith and saw he practices a different variation. My question is are they much different? what would the biggest difference be? I'm about 4 hours into studying SRV and wondering if I should restart and go with CRV because it is more common.

Can one attain a high level of remote viewng fron being self taught? I live near Philadelphia and I dont seem to have any classes or courses in my area.


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Lori Williams has CRV online classes. Theresa Friesh also had classes but I don't know if she's doing that right now. Theresa's site is here. Lori's site is here. She is advertising classes. I don't think Lyn Buchanan goes online to teach. There are a couple others who teach CRV but I don't remember their names off the top of my head. I would take at least a beginner's class if I were you. It's worth the money and from there you can figure things out for yourself if you don't have the change to take the more advanced courses.


do you ever dream you're someone else?
Can one attain a high level of remote viewng fron being self taught? I live near Philadelphia and I dont seem to have any classes or courses in my area.
Your success will have more to do with your talent, your belief systems, your viewing blinding/feedback protocol elements, the quantity of your practice, and your ability to adapt and recover from the cognitive dissonance viewing causes, than the format / methodology you employ.


I think RV is natural, like singing ability, or like me, no singing ability but playing piano. We are all unique. I always feel grateful for anything and try to be happy and know that real viewing is tough stuff but possible. Listen. We have instincts, and maybe guards. This place is about money, but we have gurads, at least us old souls. I hate it for our young people - I want them happy, all of them, every one. My last time. Been here a lot and made up my mind, although the others laughed, astral voyage, and told me that I would be back. I told them to kiss my southern grits, basically, fear has never been my problem, just major boredom, truth be told. I am Baptist, born that way. I think Trump is an idiot, but we need to loose the concept of anyone getting free stuff. Really, nothing is free. There is no free lunch, the old, hick days. People work hard. We do need to make all jobs fair. All jobs fair. All jobs should be almost close in wage amounts. Get a free education - or pay for it - lucky person,, and all jobs should pay close to the same amount. Anyone who makes over two thousand dollars a year, any skin color, is abusing the system. The rest of us just work. Those making millions a year - that is just terrible, any skin color. I like this place. I am not a huge person fan. We are not very fair to everyone. Some people need help, I get that, but most people just now feel that no one cares. We have lost our big, family units that use to matter. That is sad.
Everyone knows how to view. its a natural part of ourselves. your own limits are the limits of your RV. Method is a matter of taste and what you are comfortable with. some people do better if they just close their eyes and let it go. others need a structure but its all you.