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Hi all, I'm beginning my journey to begin the art of remote viewing but as a beginner I'm a bit overwhelmed with what path to choose.. I originally was watching Dr. Courtney Brown's videos on SRV when I came across Daz Smith and saw he practices a different variation. My question is are they much different? what would the biggest difference be? I'm about 4 hours into studying SRV and wondering if I should restart and go with CRV because it is more common.

Can one attain a high level of remote viewng fron being self taught? I live near Philadelphia and I dont seem to have any classes or courses in my area.
Lori Williams has CRV online classes. Theresa Friesh also had classes but I don't know if she's doing that right now. Theresa's site is here. https://www.aestheticimpact.com/ Lori's site is here. https://intuitivespecialists.com/ She is advertising classes. I don't think Lyn Buchanan goes online to teach. There are a couple others who teach CRV but I don't remember their names off the top of my head. I would take at least a beginner's class if I were you. It's worth the money and from there you can figure things out for yourself if you don't have the change to take the more advanced courses.