CRV for Research and Development efforts

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Hello all. I was learned about the existence of RV through watching the movie 'The Men Who Stare at Goats' when I picked up the DVD at my local library. The tag line in the very beginning of the movie that said "More of this is true than you would believe," caught my attention. I researched RV on the internet afterwards and got Joe McMoneagle's book 'Remote Viewing Secrets' from the library when I returned the movie. I read up on RV, watched youtube videos, and listened to old interviews. It was all very fascinating. About a year later I was at a used bookstore and came across David Morehouse's book 'Remote Viewing: The Complete User's Manual for Coordinate Remote Viewing' and I knew I had to buy it. I'm still very new to actually practicing RV, and have had enough success with it to know that this is the real deal. As many of you know, it is not as easy to do as we would like it to be. I've got some hurdles to overcome.

I got a few friends and my wife involved in learning RV with me. One of my friends is from work and we are interested in adapting the RV protocols to help with Research and Development efforts. As you might guess we work in an R&D environment. Before we start doing targets that help with R&D, which would likely be more conceptual targets, we want to get proficient with RV as a tool so we have been doing practice targets through the Target Monkey website. I know it will take a lot of practice to build proficiency, but in the mean time I also want to really think about a strategy for adapting RV to R&D targets. Has anyone here had experience in doing this? Do you have any advice to offer? What challenges did you encounter and how did you overcome them? Any help you can offer would be appreciated. I'm very excited to have found this board and I'm super excited about this adventure that we're on in learning and exploring RV. I know it's been around for a while now, but I still feel like a pioneer blazing new trails. Thank you.
Perhaps you can begin training with frontloading.

For instance, ask a friend to pick a series of twenty tech targets.

You being blind to the specific techologies involved.

Then, you can do a session with the frontloading "the target is technology. describe the target."

do the sessions and you will improve.

It will be tough in the beginning, but the point being you gotta learn how to handle pollution. On yahoo CRV group there is a thread "pollution proofing"

Can be done, just requires more training with frontloading and increasing degrees of pollution.

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Thank you for the feedback. Training to deal with pollution or front loading is definitely something I'd like to do. We have a total of 4 viewers in our group right now with a potential 5th joining soon, so it won't really be necessary to make front loading a priority. There are plenty of folks to collect data from and they can do their vieiwngs blind. My current challenge is in going down the AOL path and not being able to keep my analytic mind in check. I believe it is a common challenge.

One of the difficulties I foresee in using CRV for R&D oriented targets is this. Targets might be chosen like how to understand a technology or viewing the most efficient method to solving a problem. These things may require conceptual information to come through rather than the traditional data associated with a person, place, or event. Will the CRV protocols as they exist be enough to incorporate conceptual target data? Or will we have to expand on the current protocols? Thanks very much.


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Here is the best thread i remember still available in the forum.

I've looked several times in the past and have never found the discussion I started about inventing the battery powered Christmas bulbs.

Enjoy and don't take yourself too seriously. There was as guy several hundred years ago who drew up plans that looked EXACTLY like a stealth fighter and swore to the king he knew it would fly (didn't say how) after being turned down, when home and killed himself.

1. Take seriously the part that just because you can envision it doesn't mean it can be built.
2. Consider that your competitors might have someone like me and some of the others here who could pull the conception from your mind once fully formed. ie. My remark about Lyn Buchanan in the post.
3. Have fun with it, don't let it obsess you.

Understand that Sony and Apple have been using RV for R&D for years as well as many others.

Tesla could build, model and test his competitors concepts in his mind before he even attempted to build a physical model. Find and study his autobiography.

CRV is suited to extract conceptual information...

you just need to develop beyond stage 3.

once in/passed stage 4, you can get any information about the target.

there is a T (tangibles) column in stage 4 matrix as well as the I (intangibles) column which are both suited for extracting more information about R&D targets.


In fact, stage 6 which involves creating a mini model replica of the target would seem highly suited for R&D targets as long as they have a physical thing to model.

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Thank you for the great information guys. I was unaware Sony and Apple used RV for R&D... I'm going to look into those links as well.

I am still new and have difficulty in Stage 6. I need to develop my basic RV skills first, but this will be great prep work for R&D stuff later.

On a side note, how do we go back to edit and older post? I just now realized I wrote "I was learned about the existence of RV..." in my first post... Uhg... I meant to say "I learned about the existence of RV..." I figured out how to edit this post, but I can't go back and edit my first post... I promise I be good at English! :)


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I don't think you can edit posts after there are replies to them or maybe there is a time limit on it. If I recall correctly, it is because too many posts were being edited then the following replies didn't make sense because they were replying to information that was no longer there.

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OK, I've done a little more research. It looks like Sony shut down their ESPER research lab in 1998, where they may have been using RV. I cannot find anything on Apple using RV. Does anybody have anything to reference that gives more detail on how these and other companies are using RV for R&D efforts? I really appreciate the help guys. Thank you.


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The only public individual that I can state with absolute certainty was Lyn Buchanan. It wasn't specifically new product development and design. He did RV work for an 'entity' to help figure out what kinds of things might be encountered when traveling in space.

He later used is knowledge to write this book. Omitting of course highly detailed information he may have gleaned from his sessions.

I suggest you write him and ask him about his efforts. There may be a few things he is willing and allowed to share with you.