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CRV practice target 0807-6371 - LUXOR TEMPLE


Remote viewer, author, artist and photographer.
Staff member
Guys, now that TKR seems to be working properly. we will return here from our facebook holiday.
this is a target set during this 'out' period.


Luxor Temple | luxor, egypt| present time

The remote viewer is to move to the optimum position and location to describe the structures only.

The sessions:

Janine: http://www.remoteviewed.com/tkr/target1807/janine.pdf.pdf
Jade: http://www.remoteviewed.com/tkr/target1807/Jade.pdf
RVtraineee: http://www.remoteviewed.com/tkr/target1807/Rvtrainee001.pdf

Feedback: http://www.remoteviewed.com/tkr/target1807/0807-6371feedback.pdf

thank you for participating.



New Member
Great CRV work everyone! Nice hit on the obelisk RVTraineee. Reading all of your summaries was really interesting, and the feedback was great to look at! I spent awhile on YouTube to learn more and thought l spotted two domed towers. But, l have never been to Luxor to actually know for sure. l cannot wait to get going on the next target, and good luck on the feedback for Target Event 2108-8521!