CRV Practice Target 2804 - due May 15, 2015


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Target: 2804-1111

Any CRV questions - just ask here or in PEM

I will be looking for correct CRV format first, accuracy second in the sessions.
Go as far as you can in the CRV process.
BUT TRY to spend 5 or more pages in stages 3 sketching.
Force yourself to look around, to feel around and provide me with MORE S3 pages - please.

If you get your session in early enough I may re-task you on a part or parts of your data to go back and get more for me. especially as this is not s normal/standard training target. Send your sessions to me @ (new email)

I will collect them all, write a few notes and when all gathered will put them online here - for us to discuss - so be prepared for your work being here - in public.

Please note:
The sessions have to be scanned-in and converted to pdf format. You all have to start to get into the process of treating and submitting work correctly - anything not done as scanned pages to pdf wont be reviewed.

Scan you pages and compile as an optimized .pdf file.
If you don't have .pdf there are many free tools online for doing this - a quick Google search will get you many.
Save/scan the images at 150-300dpi black and white (this keeps the file size down).
If you need help with this then email me.

I would like a typed session summary as well for your session.
Don't take ages on this - just type a summary of the key information - there are plenty of summary examples on my site for an idea on this. Here is an example:
the actual summary is the last page (14). Add the summary to the .pdf as well please.

As well as helping with general RV/CRV - hopefully the mentoring and our work together will also help you with key skills to help present your RV data for future clients, projects and needs.

Any questions then ask - email me at the address above.
Don't forget have fun - its not a race - the key is to learn something!

I look forward to working with you all. And above all have fun with this.

All the best...

Janine B

Four days to go on this target...

Daz, does it make a major difference whether a viewer hangs onto their session, trying to re-connect to the target and add to it at later dates as opposed to going ahead and turning in the session and perhaps being re-tasked?


Remote viewer, author, artist and photographer.
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its best you experiment to find what works for you - obviously if sessions come in early i can re task you to set you in the right direction to get more data - but always only using data you have already supplied. In general, this has in the past generated alot more and accurate data.



Remote viewer, author, artist and photographer.
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Re: CRV Practice Target 2804 - sessions and feedback...

Thank you for the brave remote viewers who contributed to this target:
Janine, RVTrainee, Jade, Jeane, Yaicha - great effort all round.



Leshan Giant Buddha | China | time of viewing

Cue: The remote viewer is to move to the optimum position and location to describe the target.

Intent: my intent was for the viewers to describe the location and the statue.

Some interesting data all round with some great hits on parts of this target.

Feedback/tasking document:


The RV sessions:







Great work Guys - good stuff! Please take a look, review and lets discuss any thoughts, impressions or questions that you may have.

All the best..
Daz Smith


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I notice that the target has "at time of viewing" at the top. My session time would be between 8 and 10 PM at the location of the target. (almost noon-2PM for my location.)

I got "bright" and "white" in my viewing, as well as noise that was like sun glare on glass buildings...

This makes me think that l may have CRVed the photo...? Or the photographer as they snapped the picture?...There is a jagged line of visitors dressed in white. But this is only in the photo. I cant validate the legitimacy of this data at the time of my session...and it made me wonder about it.

None of my data seems to match the correct time of day for my session at this target, and there was not necessarily people dressed in white when l worked on it...

I am curious to hear any thoughts about gauging time. Also, how relevant a session is if there is discrepancies like this. I am proud of the work that we all accomplished with this target, and this seems to stick out to me as an important thing for me to work on.

I feel like, accuracy aside, if the intention was real time viewing...l missed on it.

Is this a normal occurrence in CRV? Does anyone have thoughts about cueing into cues better, or connecting to the intended timeframes of a target? And, also, may anyone have an idea of how to explain what seems like error in my session? I appreciate any ideas that you all might have in this arena.

Thanks, everyone. Great work on this target! I find similarities that are really neat between our sessions. Hope to view more soon!
Good question.

I read somewhere that sometimes people view feedback other times they go to teh target. similarly, some of the time, viewers view a thing in the vicinity of the target but not the target itself. Viewers can also slip forward or backward in time. These all occur. the explanation for these events is something that i have been wondering.

Perhaps all these slips and displacement furthermore are all in a way part of a general pattern where the viewer's attention has somehow been swayed away from the tasker's intention at the "true" target location by the viewer's attention.

my theory is that failing to get to the intended target is simply an issue of attention management, slips being indicative of a form of psychic ADHD.

Good news is that if that is the case, then there is a recipe: to develop concentration ability (?).


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I think that my concentration is well, even with interruption of outside noise. I suppose that l have been more open than structured with my questions that l cue myself with. I was less concerned and more full of wonder. I was hoping to bounce around ideas to help me train myself. I do good in repetition of the coordinates until l see the aperture and focus on a question of sensation. I usually start with the shape and distances of the target or its surroundings. Then l glance at any notes so l am sure not to forget a part for each stage.

It is going to be a constant learning process. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about it, RVTrainee001.

Janine B

I have noticed that I have a tendency to get distracted whenever there is some sort of motion on or near the target in either space or in time. I suspect that tightening up my cue-ing will help with this, but it may just be something that requires a lot of practice to subdue. I think that the curved shape which I described as being like a mushroom which was wider at the bottom than the top and which appeared to have some sort of separated appendages at the bottom which seemed to move and draw up underneath might have belonged to one of the umbrellas at the site...but that is strictly a guess. I know that I found it fascinating while viewing. :)

I saw a lot of good matches of things onsite to viewer sketches on this one...bits of the fences, the zigzagging of the people, the spirals like on the Buddha's head, the deep colors....all-in-all it was a very neat target with lots to focus on.