CRV Practice target due May 26 2016


Remote viewer, author, artist and photographer.
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Target: 2104-3481

Due May 26 2016

Any CRV questions - just ask here or in PEM

I will be looking for correct CRV format first, accuracy second in the sessions.
Go as far as you can in the CRV process.

BUT TRY to spend 2 or more pages in stages 1 ideograms.
BUT TRY to spend 3 or more pages in stages 3 sketching.
Force yourself to look around, to feel around and provide me with MORE S3 pages - please.
TRY to spend 3 or more pages in stages 4 .

If you get your session in early enough I may re-task you on a part or parts of your data to go back and get more for me. especially as this is not s normal/standard training target. Send your sessions to me @

I will collect them all, write a few notes and when all gathered will put them online here - for us to discuss - so be prepared for your work being here - in public.

Please note:
The sessions have to be scanned-in and converted to pdf format. You all have to start to get into the process of treating and submitting work correctly - anything not done as scanned pages to pdf wont be reviewed.

Scan you pages and compile as an optimized .pdf file.
If you don't have .pdf there are many free tools online for doing this - a quick Google search will get you many.
Save/scan the images at 150-300dpi black and white (this keeps the file size down).
If you need help with this then email me.

I would like a typed session summary as well for your session.
Don't take ages on this - just type a summary of the key information - there are plenty of summary examples on my site for an idea on this. Here is an example:
the actual summary is the last page (14). Add the summary to the .pdf as well please.

As well as helping with general RV/CRV - hopefully the mentoring and our work together will also help you with key skills to help present your RV data for future clients, projects and needs.

Any questions then ask - email me at the address above.
Don't forget have fun - its not a race - the key is to learn something!

I look forward to working with you all. And above all have fun with this.

All the best...


Remote viewer, author, artist and photographer.
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6 days left and only one rv session in so far...


Remote viewer, author, artist and photographer.
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Well done it was a different AND complex target with some trickery because the main focus you wouldn't expect to find where it is.
great stuff and generally some very good target contact within - so WELL DONE ALL!


SEVEN SISTERS AND THE TANK/Tank wreck|Aqaba, Jordan| time of photograph


The remote viewer is to move to the optimum position and location to describe the target in full detail when created and used in the past - only.

The sessions:



Thank you for participating. Let me know what you think of each others and your own work.

Please share your thoughts on yours and each others work.



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Amazing job everyone! I learned so much with this target. I did not get the "low pressure" feel, like I do with ocean targets, and it was a bit confusing. The shimmer of the shallow water taught me a lot. I had a bunch of informational overload. After getting feedback, comprehending the war and explosions was hard. All of those feelings are not there for me when I view, even if data sketches show that type of target...

I was really excited to see nice data on everyones sessions. I think your sketch was great, Eric. Your sketch lookes close to the map of Seven Sisters I looked at. RVT, I had a lot of static and frequency throwing me off and was glad to see that in better detail. Jade and Janine had a large amount of data that seems to fit the target overall. Impressive! Jeane, I thought your session was amazing and matched a lot of the feelings in my session. Super Cool, Everyone!!!

Janine B

I have been a bit under the weather lately, so moving a bit slow, and I didn't want to rush while reviewing the sessions. I thought that they were all very good with lots of good descriptive data and sketches--and I did see a fair amount of overlap among them in various areas.

Most of the viewers got some indication of the water aspect of the target. I am envious!....I am still struggling to recognize targets which are under water. I am just beginning to recognize a bit of a common denominator--I occasionally seem to perceive them as dim-- but I am still not getting strong indicators that I am viewing something not on land. I would have thought that the lighting or pressure would be more of a factor, but I don't seem be to be particularly sensitive to either. Hopefully, this is something that can be developed...

It was interesting to see to occasional contrasts between data which appeared to come from when the tank was operational (explosive energy, powerful, noisy--make a banging noise) and its now more isolated and relatively quiet location. There was some great conceptual data--RVT's impression of abandonment comes to mind--and I saw that several viewers had similar impressions of the target having aspects of an event or gathering, in that people were waiting and watching-- and several had an impression of a bridge, although I didn't see one in the feedback.

Overall, a really great job on everyone's part...and I suspect that we all are learning things from this one. :)

Janine B

I think that we all have various things that we struggle with, but you had some good descriptors of the target itself..."large, metallic, industrial, heavy...makes a banging noise!" : )

And it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge that Eric, who just joined us, is obviously right at home with viewing--he provided some really great sketches and descriptors of the target, right out of the box, so to speak. Glad to have you with us, Eric. Have you been studying rv very long?