CRV Practice target for March2016 - due in by MAR 31st 2016


Remote viewer, author, artist and photographer.
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Target: 0903-1141

Any CRV questions - just ask here or in PEM

I will be looking for correct CRV format first, accuracy second in the sessions.
Go as far as you can in the CRV process.

BUT TRY to spend 2 or more pages in stages 1 ideograms.
BUT TRY to spend 3 or more pages in stages 3 sketching.
Force yourself to look around, to feel around and provide me with MORE S3 pages - please.
TRY to spend 3 or more pages in stages 4 .

If you get your session in early enough I may re-task you on a part or parts of your data to go back and get more for me. especially as this is not s normal/standard training target. Send your sessions to me @

I will collect them all, write a few notes and when all gathered will put them online here - for us to discuss - so be prepared for your work being here - in public.

Please note:
The sessions have to be scanned-in and converted to pdf format. You all have to start to get into the process of treating and submitting work correctly - anything not done as scanned pages to pdf wont be reviewed.

Scan you pages and compile as an optimized .pdf file.
If you don't have .pdf there are many free tools online for doing this - a quick Google search will get you many.
Save/scan the images at 150-300dpi black and white (this keeps the file size down).
If you need help with this then email me.

I would like a typed session summary as well for your session.
Don't take ages on this - just type a summary of the key information - there are plenty of summary examples on my site for an idea on this. Here is an example:
the actual summary is the last page (14). Add the summary to the .pdf as well please.

As well as helping with general RV/CRV - hopefully the mentoring and our work together will also help you with key skills to help present your RV data for future clients, projects and needs.

Any questions then ask - email me at the address above.
Don't forget have fun - its not a race - the key is to learn something!

I look forward to working with you all. And above all have fun with this.

All the best...


Remote viewer, author, artist and photographer.
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Mr J, not sure I got it - what is your email address or name?


Remote viewer, author, artist and photographer.
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Well done

great stuff and generally some very good target contact within - so WELL DONE ALL!


Puerta de Hayu Marca| Peru | Time of the viewing


The remote viewer is to move to the optimum position and location to describe the target in full detail when created and used in the past - only.

The sessions:



thank you for participating. Let me know what you think of each others and your own work.

Some of you seemed to pick-up thing/data that may be descriptive of some kind of thing associated with he myth of this location - what do you think about this?


Janine B

It is interesting how many things the viewers got in common in these sessions. Some good data and some really excellent sketches... Good work everyone!


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I agree, everyone did very well and hit on consistant data. I learned a lot by looking at everyones work. I noticed that elements of data were taken to stage 4 in your work, Janine, and I understand how to better probe info. I probed blank areas near data sketches to expand on them, which was a first, and look forward to learning more. We all did so great, being encouraged to step it up is a great motivation to succeed.


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What I found interesting as the tasker was that there seemed to be data to indicate some possible esoteric and/or technology around this target, whcih possibly does tally witht he mythology of this target.

I would have liked to retask each of you to go back in and to have focused upon a peice of YOUR own data - to then get even more information, this is how we usually do things with seasoned viewers on OPS projects.

My thinking is that you guys are developing well and we may need to think about doing this to get you guys to the next and more advanced level of using RV and towards getting you guys to 'work' for more data. Of course some of you also need to put a little more into it yourself with more content for each stage of the process, this will also create more indepth data.

I can say that as tasker i had no preconceived ideas of this target what-so-ever and know little to nothing about the target other than scant descriptions of the mythology and the images i saw when researching feedback and the target itself. So, any data or overlapping 'unconfirmed' data should not have come by me in any way as i have no invested opinion in the validity of the myths/stories.

which is why I found the data very interesting overall.



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and PS. you guys did an AWESOME job on this one.
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


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Yes, I think everyone did a great job on this target and very similar data and sketches. Daz is encouraging us to stretch ourselves more and I think it is a great incentive for us to grow further and to do some really good work in the future.


Interesting sessions. I saw at least two people who mentioned 'metallic', the rock is pretty red, I wonder if there is a lot of iron in the rock.

I found this searching for rock coloring,
"..99 times out of 100 a red or orange sedimentary rock owes its color to microscopic grains of the iron oxide minerals hematite and goethite."