Developing Psi and the Mind In General


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just opening this to seek input from others--what are some exercises and/or books that you have personally found useful for not just developing psi, but also the mind, in general? I'm on short-term disability due to a leg injury and have another month off before being able to return to work, so I have time to work on some good suggestions...


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plodder said:
--what are some exercises and/or books that you have personally found useful for not just developing psi, but also the mind, in general?
Well, if you're excellent mental and physical shape, can go on a Shaman's diet for at least a few days aren't on any drugs or exotic vitamin concoctions, are able to abstain from sex for a few days there is an opportunity to jump to the head of the class with Ayahuasca (Mimosa Hostilis & Syrian rue). Be warned though, separately the ingredients are used for healing burns and dying cloth, but when married they become a Schedule 1 drug under the Convention on Psychotropic Substances. You'll need a sitter for 7 to 12 hours to make sure you don't come to your senses out side naked making love to the neighbor's suburban, as it is about 40 times stronger than LSD.

For the less adventuresome with time on their hands to attempt to learn something about Kabbalah. Any of the last four books on Shamanism by Alberto Villoldo would be good reading. Soul on Fire by Peter Calhoun was interesting, written by a Episcopal Priest turned Shaman.

Binaural brainwave entrainment and ultrasonic subliminals, you can use them both together I do on the job. Or maybe grab yourself a copy of Jung's Red Book, for those nights when you know you aren't going to be able to sleep anyhow...

Because you are mending I'd strongly suggest taking up one of energy healing disciplines. The fastest to learn is probably Reiki. Here is a link about energy healing from whom I believe is the world's leading healthcare institution.


But that is me, just keep in mind there are times in our lives we are given just to contemplate without any particular focus, to daydream as if in Gaussian blur and idle away a few hours that are ours and ours alone.



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Well, I only know christian ways - well, my adaptation of them. If I want to work outside of myself and I mean 'work' not just poke my nose about - i fast. Takes about a week to work my way up to a fast; like what i'm eating, where i'm going, as little media as possible (eg, tv, radio, papers, adds) and i step meditation up like HEAPS. Then i begin the fast - the first week is a bit... trippy? But after that things begin to get a bit clearer and the meditation type state becomes my normal state of being.

I've never really talked about it before.

I don't 'think' i become like a stoned spaced out type of person, I think I speed up some how. Everything becomes so clear and the paths seem so obvious. I feel like the world slows down or something - so weird - and find myself being able to cope over and above my normal pace (life in general i mean; kids, hubby, bills, driving, work (when i did work that is) etc). Have to drink as pure water as possible though and sometimes it is necessary to cloud stuff up with a juice (vegi or fruit) depending on the length of time needed for the job. Its important to maintain the body at all times.

Been ages since i've been on a fast. I'm so totally obese and out of whack! *Shrugs*

Have fun finding your way... Jen