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Dick and Glen on RI

Hi everyone,

Here is a link to the new 'On Target' article written by Dick Allgire and Glenn Wheaton about Remote Influence.


Quote: But what if this rumor of R.I. is true? Surely it would propel “Human Use” to the next level. With that in mind it also rings true that in human affairs there is a line of faith that has been betrayed countless times. Could humans be trusted with such a tool?



Staff member
Thanks for the note Liz.

Humans already have the tool IMO, though perhaps fortunately, few have the skill to be much danger beyond to themselves.

As to whether they can be trusted, I'd say that depends on the human in question. ;-)

Relating to Remote Influence, the fascinating idea in the original HRVG newsletter article, Affecting Time by Dick Allgire and Glenn Wheaton, can no longer be found in its original place on the Internet. The original link was given in the post here by River.

Using the irrepressible Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive, I've retrieved one of its archived links:


Well worth a read. What an infinitely intriguing idea. If I'm right, the HRVG spoke about something like influencing the past (i.e. retro-causality) at a 2017 gathering. If anyone knows about what the HRVG reported recently in relation to retro-causality, I'd be really interested to know.
Yes, this is a really good read, too good to risk losing.

What are the legalities of reposting this if full credit is given to the authors and the original site is listed as the source?

(Attached is a content only pdf version. I also have clean html where the rest of the page is removed, and word doc versions if anybody wants that for their own files.)


I would not be an authority on the legalities of reposting. Apologies. One could always seek permission directly from the original authors. Myself, I do not know how to contact them. Perhaps someone on the forum knows.

I sure would like to know about HRVA's recent conference presentation on possible retro-causality. Was it the IRVA conference?


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I suggest visiting their website hrvg.org - they have a forum, more active, you could join.

There's been quite a few threads here with both dick and glenn (as themselves and others lol) over the years if you search the archives, some even on this retroPK topic.