Divination or Daydream


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Through my travels on the internet, and talking with those I know of like mind, something keeps popping up time and time again.

The easy dismissal of daydreams.
Yet night dreams are researched and picked apart completely and beyond. How sure is one that it is but a dream, and not important info coming through, if not acknowledged and looked at?

When I look at divination, I see as visions, premonitions... glimpses of the mundane or beyond. The feeling that waves over one when an incoming manifest is very similar to daydreaming. A trance like state.

Wondered how others at TKR look at daydreams
Is it felt that it is just as important form of Divination as Dream Analysis?


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I don't see much of a difference. The functioning of the body is almost completely mechanical, and therefore requires very little of your consciousness to operate. The classical example being driving for miles on the freeway and not recalling it at all while totally engrossed in something completely unrelated. We're quite mechanical almost all the time, so I suppose daydreams can be as useful as nightdreams.


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Daydreams are another method of altered state, and in fact if you read up on dream research and self hypnosis, you'll find daydreams mentioned in some detail.

Dream on


I've noticed when I'm relaxed, doing something like typing or a hobby, I get images. I've started jotting them down. I think they are the same as dreams sometimes, especially if you have a really strong feeling about it. I read somewhere you are at alpha when you are sitting here typing for instance--10cp (or whatever the term). I'm a lot more aware of it now since I've started RV'ing. I don't analyze, I just document then see what happens :).



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Same here-when I'm rested or have slipped into a trance-like state due to the mundane-ness of certain activities, I've noticed little snippets of events coming through. Never realized what it was when I was younger--daydreaming has always been something I've done--but now I realize that all those "de ja vu" moments were because I'd already glimpsed the event through a daydream.


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"de ja vu moments"...they feel very odd

I find it's almost like walking through a daydream when that happens. Sometimes it's like I'm in a pressurized bubble during a de ja vu. Inside there is a humming/vibration.
Much like when visions/images come in. Same feel to it.
I've tried to hone in on it, but the combination of knowing it's a de ja vu *which is weird in itself*, and walking through it, makes it difficult to sense out what is happening, and how.
Not to mention trying to hide the fact that it's happening in the first place. *depending who's around to see*
I tend to move slowly through it as it's happening, which makes people ask if your okay... yet another interference. ::)

I try to hang back, let others move ahead of me to limit the interference ..sometimes works...sometimes doesn't. lol


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I know what you mean! I've also found that when the daydream was fairly powerful, the "deja vu" tends to make me slightly dizzy for about 10 seconds.


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;D I'm glad others have had the same experience with daydreams. Growing up, I was always teased by my family for daydreaming, because it wasn't thought to be productive and was often considered inappropriate in various situations. If only they knew.....


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“I'm a lot more aware of it now since I've started RV'ing. I don't analyze, I just document then see what happens” - braedaan

A good point. To view, not analyze. It’s hard to remember to shut down the logical and instinct parts of the brain. The logical brain tries to take over when you become aware it’s a daydream/vision/image coming in… or picking up. You can end up trying to figure out what is happening, rather than taking in the sights/sounds/sensations… sensing it out.
Not, figure it out. Keeping a Journal helps to figure out what works/personal symbols…
Even just a quick sketch with a date, is enough to trigger the memory, and replay it.

Brazen Hawk, it is so sad when we think about the fact that as children we are so open, and through societies dogma we conform. It is childish, and to grow up. *an adults views* We learn that to be different than what is accepted will alienate one from our most primitive needs. To be accepted and part of a clan.

So many things we had as children, I look backwards to recapture.
I found a dead zone between the ages of 15 to 20 years old. A time when I pushed it away, ignored and pretended it does not happen.
As a child I would cry when someone else did. My mother would tell me to grow a thick skin. When I became scared of something I could not see with my eyes. I was told don’t be silly. I learned quickly, that to voice something before being told about it, upset my mother. I didn’t dare tell her that a red headed boy was standing behind me to my left, nudging me and giggling cause I was being scolded for something. I’d turn and frown for him to stop. My mother would scold, “pay attention”
It was like he was a part of me and I had no name for him. I’d scoot up on my bikes banana seat to give him room behind to sit.
I did not feel or see him between 15 and 20. When I allowed things to begin to manifest, he returned. I now have a name for him, I know who he is. He is my twin brother who died as a baby. Sad conforming to what is “real” in societies eyes makes us loss many things. Including living in the now.. as they say. Hard to practice/work… set ones clock with time.
A child lives in the moment. Like time stands still. Summer lasted forever. They know how to… stop and smell the roses.
How many times as children do you hear others say, get your head out of the clouds, your in your own little world, you have to think ahead/plan. Feels like an impossible task *even more so for some* but we do.

I’ve tried hard to ensure I did not do this to my own children. They all understood as children, societies dogma may have to be observed and restrictions are there, but not within the family or in the home.


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I agree about the journal. Go Braedaan! ;D

Cent: Wow. There was quite the stirring of emotions while reading that, like I "sensed" the emotions behind not just your actions, but others' as well (in relation to the brother).

"I didn’t dare tell her that a red headed boy was standing behind me to my left, nudging me and giggling cause I was being scolded for something." I think there was more to it than that. If you'd told her that your brother was around and picking on you, etc., I am sure she would've had a heartattack! I haven't had any experiences quite that distinct, though there have been times I've sensed someone else near me, and once I glimpsed something out of the corner of my eye but when I focused on it, it disappeared.

You're right, it is sad. There are so many budding talents at that young of an age, and the majority of the time being forced to suppress them in order to become some sort of meshed together dupe of your parents ruins that in us. I remember quite often being told to "join the real world and visit," and even though I did, I hated it. I developed a slight talent for listening to what was being said and daydreaming at the same time.

I applaud you for doing your best to prevent that same societal influence from affecting your kids and their development. They're better off because they are able to see who they truly are. If I have kids someday, I hope to do the same.


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Sometimes I open to much and emotions come through.
*things replay as I'm typing, like relive* :p

So, if you sensed the emotions behind, you also must have opened to it.
When others speak from the heart, it truly can be felt... or see what they see. *grins* on the other hand when words and feelings behind don't match...that too can be read into.
Mwahawhaw ..haw. ehem.. sorry.. couldn't resist. :p ::)

Your right, there was more to it than that.
How... intuitive of you.  ;) Actually, my twin was not mentioned to often, and then it was things I overheard and not spoken to about. Talking about him in the first place, seemed a hushed issue.

Seeing things out of the corner of your eye eh?
It's been my experience, I cannot see directly, only from the corner of the eye. Makes it hard to look/watch without looking directly at it. Usually I see shadow figures, than an image of what the spirit looks like comes into my mind.
My youngest son however (17) sees from the corner and can look directly, and see as they were in the flesh, yet wavy or hazy. (his first sighting was when he was 3 years old)
*or at least when he could tell me..he sees something too*

"so many budding talents..suppressed" -Brazen_hawk

So right. We are all born gifted in one way or another, and with acknowledgement it comes forward... and more can be done...and more...and...

"I developed a slight talent for listening to what was being said and daydreaming at the same time. "Brazen_hawk

*grins*  8) View a daydream and be aware at the same time.
I'm getting better at being able to do that with in-comings.
Makes for better... conforming "appearance".

I hope my kids are better off. I truly believe they will find their way... me waiting anxiously for them to ask the right questions at their levels of understandings.


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I have a tendency to do that, too. My friends think it's amazing that they can tell me something, I can know what they're feeling without being told, and then can look at the situation and give advice based on what I intuited. They're also amazed at how often I am right, and that's quite often.
It is amazing how much you can learn about someone just by truly "listening" (I'm on an "amazing" kick right now, LOL).

I think that when things are "hushed" as was the case with your brother, that just makes things more difficult to deal with. There's always tension behind everything and most times it isn't acknowledged--I wonder if people just don't realize why it's there?

Wow--3 years old?! That's really young to even know what is going on! Did he have the same experience as you had? How did you find out? Sorry if this is too personal, you don't have to answer, it just peaked my curiosity. If you prefer, feel free to send me a PM.


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I think my youngest son was born with the ability more open than most. *or perhaps because I didn't dismiss my child, the ability has remained* :-/
At 3 he didn’t know what he was seeing. At 2, is when I realized he sensed what I did. It was his fear and what he said to me that caused my knees to buckle. I could not deny any longer.
Back then I suffered from what I refer to as rubber leg syndrome. I was on the run, always avoiding, always running away from things that go bump in the night....or day.

Being a mother gave me the courage to stop running, turn around and confront. I would not allow anything to harm or scare my children. It was a huge breaking point that day.
I stopped running and knocked down the self made wall.
Not to say, I don’t suffer with rubber legs from time to time, but I stand my ground and will not turn and run…although I’ve been made to take a pace or two back by a building pressure before me. :eek: LOL

I wrote a one page short story about the day my 2 year old made me step forward… so to speak, and stop running from the unknown. At the time I wrote it as a ghost story, in the third party. With the support of my internet home, I’m past worrying who’d believe that I was the young mother in the story. So if you’d like…

Brazen Hawk or anyone else if interested in swapping … encounters, I will post it in the Esoteria Forum, since it’s for ghost and such.

*although I see Spirits not what I would say are ghost. I feel, Ghost tend to be more like a loop of energy, where a spirit is… interactive…seeks out to be noticed sort of thing.*

Now back to our regular scheduled program….
What were we walking about again?
Divination or Daydreams LOL, sorry easy to get off topic. ::)


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Or Not.

I'll just end with... little ones can "see" well.
Acknowledge when they see things not seen by the eyes.


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Sorry Cent--was off in my own world for a few days :)
Will check out the Esoteria forum soon.

"The feeling that waves over one when an incoming manifest is very similar to daydreaming. A trance like state." Has anyone ever encountered this feeling when hearing about someone else's dream? I.e. Automatically knew that the described dream was prophetic and not a "run o' the mill" dream?


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oh...don't be sorry hon. Was just my own insecurities kicking in. :p
I've not posted any... ghostly encounters, over in the Esoteria Forum. Thought.. I'd wait to see if anyone else wanted to "swap" stories, kind of thingy.

But thank-you Brazen_hawk.


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Unfortunately, the only story I have is a brief glimpse of something one night when I was in my early teens. If I've had any encounters since then, I haven't been aware enough to note them. There have been times I've felt people around me even when I was alone at the time. But that's for the Esoteria forum :)

Back to Daydreaming: If you do have an instance of knowing intuitively that someone else's dream has more meaning, do you let them know?


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"If you do have an instance of knowing intuitively that someone else's dream has more meaning, do you let them know?" Brazen Hawk

Good question. Similar to the question I ask myself.
When a "daydream" *or any dream* comes in as the person is standing there... do I say what I see/know?

Course if they are of Like mind/or just use to it .. I just blurt it out.
Hard to let people know things they need to know *I don't receive info for my benefit, it is to be given to them*, without coming off as... wierd *for lack of a better word*

(sorry I didn't get back to you Brazen Hawk. :)
Was away for a while... sister had surgery on her skull, and my grandmother passed)


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I am sorry to hear about your grandma and sister (I hope she is doing well!).

In cases like that, it's much easier to arrange the information you received in a way that won't get the other person's feathers ruffled, whereas if you have insights into a dream that person has had him/herself, there's more of a chance for a negative reaction or complete dismissal of your insights. People don't always want to believe that someone else may have more of an idea of what's needed (etc) than they themselves do. I have a friend just like this. This friend recently told me of a dream--I know the dream had more meaning that this friend realized, yet my attempt to offer insight was dismissed. The meaning was as clear to me as it could possibly get, yet my contribution to the discussion was immediately dismissed--it didn't even get a moment of reflection. Evidence of what I said has been surrounding my friend, yet oblivious to the signs is the going state of mind. What else can I do but sit back and hope that this friend figures it soon?

("oblivious to the signs is the going state of mind".....how true, how true.....)