Dowsing Challenges


Thanks all. Well, I would guess that I am a little sensitive. My hands seem to be a little sensitive anyway. Thanks for writing. RV is just odd in general, a learning experience. I really appreciate the learned ones feedback.


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Hello all, now over a yr and a half from the start of this thread.
I would very much like to see some kind of set-up that allowed dowsing as a method of "finding" a target. It would necessarily be different than the usual RV task but not unrelated. Dowsing is but a means to an answer with which some people have skills and sensitivities in the use of.
We could re-set our feedback parameters to get more specific targets and try dowsing on those subject targets. After all, we can reset them afterwards for regular RV sessions.


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The section in Joe McMoneagle's book "Remote Viewing Secrets" has a method. It is lengthy and needs quite a few resources - specifically, maps.

Here's a summary; first, you dowse a large scale map to try to find the approximate location of the target.

Then, you keep going with smaller and smaller scale maps, until you are working at a small enough scale to give a meaningful answer.

If the target is moving, or moves between different sessions, then results cannot be expected to be consistent.

Finally, the actual dowsing method can be either a pendulum, or using the edge of a ruler to scan vertically down a map until the dowser feels a hit. A line is drawn. Then the map is scanned horizontally until the dowser feels a hit. An "X marks the spot" method.

Joe himself is very cautious about the accuracy of these methods. Apparently he received some dowsing training at Fort Meade, and this wasn't as good as the training that he later had, paid for by himself.


Oh, No, no, no, no, no !
Actually Pat, I have used those steps in locating things in my dwelling places. Same process / smaller scale. I would ask, which floor, take that answer and go the that floor, then narrow it down to room, etc. It can be very successful on a small scale.