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Janine B

I'm not certain that I understand--are you talking about viewing numbers that have already been drawn? I have not tried that.

However, a couple of months ago, I did try to psychically view the numbers for the next Powerball drawing which was that evening. (I think that I posted about this on some other thread at TKR back then) I went slowly and tried to make sure that I had each number before I moved on to the next one.

I greatly underestimated how long it would take for me to get the numbers and how difficult it would be... I was only able to *acquire* the first two numbers (which were in order) and then I was too mentally tired to keep going. I randomly selected four other numbers before the drawing, but the first two were the only ones that I got right. :-( It took me between one and a half and two hours to get those first two numbers. I did not use ARV.

Lyn Buchanan has said that the best way to do the lottery is to start with the Pick 3 and after you are regularly getting those accurately, to work your way up to more numbers. He told me that the way I did it would cause my subconscious to rebel (or words to that effect) and he is most likely right if I had continued to try to get the remaining numbers after my mind was tired. But, I did not expect to get all six numbers, and I quit when my mind got tired--I was just trying an initial test to see if I could get numbers at all or if I would need to use a different method.

I suspect that different people find different methods more appealing...I was trying to keep it as simple as possible.


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Janine B said:
I'm not certain that I understand--are you talking about viewing numbers that have already been drawn? I have not tried that.

That's exactly what I'm saying. Then you are no longer viewing a future event and it might give some insight into whether some of the "future is in flux" theories have merit. Or it might not. :) As ScientistGeorge pointed out, it might have to do with a money block. Although if you can't make money off already drawn numbers, you shouldn't have a block.


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I finally had time to try this today for last Saturday's draw. My dowsing produced 8 numbers, 1 of which was correct. Of course my dowsing has only really been effective for finding water, so I wouldn't read too much into my results.

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I'm back, over the years my +/-1 range has not improved. However the 3 number range groups can be ARVed saving you 4 pairs of images per Win Number.
LAST Winner Drawn - A Pick 4 Eve drawing 2147
You may glean half of the next Midday drawings Win Number many times, like this,
Using my Red Zone technique:

From Pair 24 search History, for next number AFTER the last 3 hits involving 24, say it's 6714,1345,2359.
From Pair 17 search same way.........................................the last 3 hits AFTER 17 pair say it's 2879,5641,9887.

Whatever is common to both pairs is your active pair ready to hit next. Here it's 14 again.

This saves you lots of Viewing work.

A 2nd verification should be done by using your last 4 win numbers drawn, Example 2147 here a Eve Win Number.
This is specific to Last Drawing an (Eve) use this history index for next Drawing (Midday).
Here the Eve Win Number string, Example - 2147,0166,6846,1453 < confirms 14 is valid.
You may see your number 1 time only, no problem, use it. Do not flip or change it.

Remember current history is used to find the future/next win number pair solving half of the problem.

What's a flip ? 1/6 2/7 3/8 4/9 0/5 these are known as flips.

Try this time saver out and post your results !
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