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Dowsing rods

I have some dowsing rods I bought a few months back. I've tried and tried again with them doing different things and sometimes they work, sometimes they dont..

does anybody have any tips on them?

Ive read everything form hold your arms straight out to hold them at your chest to hold them comfortably to crossing your thumbs, arms a foot apart, arms 3 inches apart, tilted slightly downwards, never pointed downwards,

How do you hold your rods?


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    I hold them forward with elbows bent. If they start swinging around into me I'll reach a little further forward.

    Have you ever dowsed before ?
Ive tried several times with not much success. . but then again, I haven't really experimented a whole lot because of it.

Ive never really had anything "hidden" so that I can try dowsing it.. Ive tried dowsing things that I already knew were there so that's probably why I have run into trouble.


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I've never tried rods before. All my dowsing has been with a pendulum. Same results: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't! I think practice is probably the most important thing.

If you haven't seen this, you might find it helpful. It's a great primer for beginning dowsers, though it does focus more on pendulum work:

Also, Tom Graves has written several great books on dowsing you might find helpful. He has tons of great tips for practice but it sounds like you've read a good bit on it already.


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I think you are right Helen. The only time I have seen rods in action were at a recent ghost hunt and although I found the demo a bit staged, the area of dowsing and pendulums is one that I am hoping to study further.